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PHOTOVIEW: i-mate JAQ3 Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 17.01.07 - 19:21:42 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 24237x
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Thanks to i-mate, today I received a brand new i-mate JAQ3. Made by TechFaith Wireless, the i-mate JAQ3 is i-mate's second Windows Mobile Pocket PC not manufactured by HTC.
Similar to the Palm Treo 750, the i-mate JAQ3 is also a Windows Mobile Pocket PC with a thumb keyboard bellow the screen. However, unlike the Treo 750, the JAQ3 isn't UMTS enabled but is featuring quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE only but also supports WiFi 802.11 b/g as well as Bluetooth 1.2 (with A2DP and AVRC support).
The i-mate JAQ3, which features Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 3.2, was designed with user preferences in mind - since its full QWERTY keyboard, five navigation buttons and scroll wheel allow easy navigation and use of services including E-Mail. Unusual is the the 2.4" color touch screen which is neither portrait nor square but landscape - as we know it from the latest Windows Mobile Smartphones like the HTC Excalibur/Cavalier and Samsung i320/i600. Last but not least, the devices is also featuring a 2.0 megapixel camera.

Since I've received the device just today, I cannot say too much about all the rest but I will use it for the next couple of days. Nevertheless, bellow you can find some photos of the i-mate JAQ3 to get a better idea what the device is about:

More to come soon. In the meantime feel free to post your questions bellow.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by bigneeker on 17.01.07 - 20:22:04

can you post some comparison pics to other pocket pcs. i would like to see how big or small it is.

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.01.07 - 20:44:03

Sure, just updated it with a couple of comparison shots with Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Posted by Friedl on 17.01.07 - 21:37:47

Thanks for the comparison shots but this thing is huge!!! How is the keyboard? I've recently played with the Treo 750 and I seriously dislike the keyboard. Either the unit I tested was faulty or it's really that bad. The tactical feedback wasn't nice.

Posted by Juice on 17.01.07 - 21:45:49

I totally agree with the tactile feedback on the Treo. It's not enough. I'm very curious to read unwired's review on the Jaq3. I really want this phone but the size is almost an issue. Kind of wide. Is it wider then a Nokia E61? 

Anyway I'm still kind of gaga over this phone. I hope it's stable. Someone mentioned the screen on the UBIQUIO 501 was the best quality screen they've seen on a PPC phone ever. I hope this is the same screen. As it is not 2.8 and only 2.4 that would really help. Also can you comment on the quality of the telescoping stylus. Is it telescoping. Does it fit more securely then the HTC Wizard stylus. Thanks!

Posted by Juice on 17.01.07 - 21:50:53

Also if you can comparison shot it with a Treo 750. That pretty much its direct competitor. In PPC world that is.

Posted by JaToAc on 18.01.07 - 15:58:39

thanks for the pictures. i really looked forward to this one to replace my i320, but thanks to the comparison photos i now can see that it's a little bit to big for my taste... the formfactor of the i320 is to good to give up.

Posted by neekme on 19.01.07 - 09:29:53

thanks arne for the pics.
i have a jaq3 on its way from dubai and i was wondering if you could tell me your rom version so that i can compare to see if i have the latest one.

do you know where i can find the latest rom for the jaq3?

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.01.07 - 11:35:53

Since I received my JAQ3 from Dubai as well, I'm sure both devices have the same ROM. Anyway, it's:

OS 5.1.422 (Build 15633.3.2.0)
Soft Revision: TF_WM5_Pebble_VER_02.08_S0612062107(10.163)

i-mate ROM updates can be always found here: as well as under

UPDATE: Just checked the Club i-mate site and at the moment there is no new ROM available but i-mate says: The launch ROM build is based on the Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.2 Operating System. A ROM release V2.08 will be available shortly. To check your current version, Press Start > Settings > Version Info and check the Soft Revision.

Posted by neekme on 23.01.07 - 01:01:32

hey arne
i got my jaq3 today and my rom is older than yours: TF_WM5_Pebble_VER_02.05_UP1_So611061430(10.163)

is it possible for you to extract your rom and send it to me? or point me to a site where i can download the latest one?


Posted by Arne Hess on 23.01.07 - 02:35:31

It looks like the new 2.08 ROM isn't released yet but it should become available from Club i-mate homepage soon (see the links above). Just keep an eye on their site.

Posted by neekme on 24.01.07 - 03:42:10

i hope its soon because my jaq3 is a little unstable right now.
hopefully it will fix a few of the issues i have.

Posted by saeed on 04.02.07 - 16:59:00

any news about the rom update as my jaq3 is not working well !!

Posted by Hipaq on 06.02.07 - 09:19:38

I also have the 2.05 version, and would like to get the 2.08.
Where to download?
My Jaq3 is so unstable, loses signal all the time...
anybody has a solution for that?

What about keyboard backlaight to stay longer on? IS there a tweak for that?

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.02.07 - 15:28:12

Haven't heard anything yet... Sorry guys...

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