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PHOTOVIEW: The HTC Blue Angel (MDA III) vs. the Motorola MPx PPCPE
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 11.08.04 - 11:17:03 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 10745x
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On Microsoft's Pocket PC Phone Edition sky, two new stars are going to appear (sooner or later): HTC's Blue Angel (better known as T-Mobile MDA III or Qtek 9090) and Motorola's MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition.
While the Blue Angel is following the slider concept we already know from mobile phones, I would call the MPx a kind of convertible (known from Windows XP Tablet PCs) which means it can be used as a kind of clam-shell mobile phone or stylus based Pocket PC but also as a kind of keyboard driven "micro-subnotebook".

Both devices will include triple band GSM/GPRS as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and therefore it becomes more a question of taste, which one is/might be the better one or better fits your needs:

While both devices have their benefits I wonder what you think and what you would prefer? The "slider" concept or the "convertible" concept?

If you need deeper views, I would recommend's detailed French MPx review here and's Norwegian Blue Angel preview here.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by on 11.08.04 - 19:15:30

And I prefer HP iPAQ phone! it is quad, smaller than MDA III and more reliable than motorola MPx

Posted by Ufa Andy on 11.08.04 - 22:32:02

Does mpx has calling faces?

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.08.04 - 23:51:08

[3] What's 'calling faces' and how is this related too the question above?

Posted by Fidel on 11.08.04 - 18:45:39

There's no doubt for me: the Motorola!
Not only it is lighter and smaller, it's also the fact that you can use it as a normal phone...that is, you can drop it in your wife's purse without scratching the screen, you can use it without everyone telling you what a big and kind of weird-looking phone you have, you can carry it in your pocket without being almost unable to sit down, etc, etc...
Ever since I saw the Motorola I thought it was the perfect machine, the definite solution!!!
I only miss UMTS or quad-band, 50 grs. less and the confirmation that it will support hands-free carkits!!!

I am ready for pre-order, what's the account number?

Best regards,


Posted by Nghia on 12.08.04 - 12:38:52

I have a MPx300. I really like it. The factor form is usable enough to use it both as a PDA and Data phone. Pretty cool.

Posted by kevinnugent on 12.08.04 - 13:34:43

The RAM question on the MPx might answer a few questions for the undecided.

Posted by kevinnugent on 14.08.04 - 15:33:53


I'd hazard a guess at Caller ID with photos.


Posted by jayson on 16.08.04 - 08:04:46

I like the MPx better.
The slider is useless in landscape mode.

Posted by Carlos on 16.08.04 - 09:21:40

Since both keyboards an useless, but at least the XDA lets you slide it out of the way, that would be my choice.

Posted by Richard Bukovansky on 16.08.04 - 20:52:17

BTW Don't forget that MDA III is not from HTC!!! This is a big mistake! It's from some Chinese company (I can't remember name)...
On other hand, I bet on Motorola...

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.08.04 - 21:00:51

[10] No, sorry! You err! It is from HTC (which is - BTW a Chinese company - not mainland but ROC but still China ;-)).
For a mysterious reason some sites reported that it is not from HTC because of the CU928 announcement from China Unicom but if you visit the FCC site and search for the Harrier (which is the CDMA version) you will see it's from HTC.

Posted by Samer Yamak on 17.08.04 - 23:50:36

Nghia, where did u get it?

I am teased enough, I need to have this device by hook or crook. I cant wait any longer. Please Motorola, release it in EMEA, otherwise I will go kick ass in ur local store.

I think the device is a work of art, for once I thought XDAII is too easy as a PDA, but my wife seems to have problem accessing its functionality, so I thought when u put it in flip mode, it give u the regular mobile look and feel, making it easier to be used as a regular phone.
Second, communicator has always have good selling point, the keyboard. However, look at ur PC: one can never get ready of his keyboard, but can not work without mouse, so how about a device that has both?
third, the size. Imate dimensions are pretty huge compared to this one.
camera resolution is brilliant, and with flash.

For me, thought I love i-mate, but I think the MPX will be the best device inithe world (provided that all functionalities wiill work as mentioned). I just wish i can reach it, before I loose my nerves.

Posted by urbanscrawl on 20.08.04 - 15:30:44

[9] You are so right - those little keyboards are useless for any serious typing. 

What I want to know is, given the huge array of different phones, why can we not have a phone with the size and functionality of the c500, no buttons - and instead a touchscreen like the p900 (without being built like a tank) - but which plugs into a keyboard like the Think Outside ones when you need to type anything.  Seriously look at them - that Motorola MPX wouldn't look any more normal pressed to your ear than an xda, you might as well use a Sony VAIO.

Posted by Johanna on 22.08.04 - 04:21:14

[5] I recently got my hands on a MPX (engineering version) and was able to stabilize the memory on the unit so that i have now 8MB free for running apps.... not great but much better than 3MB when i got it.
Currently the only problem i have with the unit is voice quality - the other end hears muffled voice quality. Otherwise its handsdown the best design.

Posted by Paul Wang on 04.09.04 - 21:27:43

[11] You know Arne, even leaving politics aside, it's still no good to mix Taiwan and China. After all I feel much more confortable with a product made in Taiwan than a product made in China.

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