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PHOTOVIEW: The i-mate JAM Pocket PC Phone Edition aka HTC Magician
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 17.12.04 - 12:21:13 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 13111x
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Yesterday - with the delivery of the i-mate SP3i - also my latest gadget arrived: the i-mate JAM (better known as T-Mobile MDA compact aka HTC Magician). Unfortunately there arrived just one - to be reviewed here on PPCW.Net. The rest is still on backorder and not available through the PPCW.Net Shop yet. :-(

And if you watch the photos below, no wonder HTC is busy in manufacturing the device which causes supply delays.

But back to the device: The HTC Magician runs Microsoft latest Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition but unlike most other Pocket PCs, it has a 2.8" TFT display only (most other Pocket PCs have at least a 3.5" screen or more - the only exception is Motorola's MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition which includes a 2.8" screen also). Thanks to the smaller display, it was possible to reduce the overall size of the whole device and amazingly enough - it comes close to an Apple iPod mini 8O

The Magician is really the first Pocket PC which fits into your pocket. Unfortunately the reduced size also caused a reduced feature-set. While it has GSM and GPRS support (otherwise it wouldn't be a Phone Edition at all) for sure as well as Bluetooth, it excludes W-LAN support! :-( Not a big deal at all since it includes a SDIO compatible SD card slot on top which works well with the SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Card, however, it means you have to carry an additional card.

The keypad is reduced to the typical Pocket PC Phone Edition layout which includes the two call buttons, the Calendar and Contacts buttons as well as the 5-way navigation pad. In addition it has the on/off switch on the right and the recording and camera button on the left:

On the back, the Magician includes a 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom. Left from the camera is the mirror for self-portraits. Right or the mirror you have a small slot which features a second speaker.

An impressive device which fits most of my needs (except the missing Wi-Fi support and some other minor glitches). More to come soon!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Fidel on 20.12.04 - 18:21:46

[2] Hey Arne,

what about handsfree profile? I´m not talking about headset profile...
Please say yes, say finally yes!!!

Best regards,


Posted by Arne Hess on 20.12.04 - 19:51:27

[4] Sure I can say yes, if you like but if you want to hear the truth it's no :-(
I haven't designed it... :evil:

Posted by Russ on 18.12.04 - 08:56:11

I've got one as well for my daughter for Christmas, so I've been having a bit of a play with it. Well dads 'need to configure the device' after all smile

I've got to say, that with the exception of WiFI, I'm mighty impressed. You don't get the feel for how small and light this is until you hold it in your hands. It's way smaller than my normal XDA.  I thought the screen might be a bit small but it is very clear and bright and white. The only small niggles I have (if you excuse the pun) is that the navigation control and the way they are grouped, may make it less able for games play. But I havn't tried yet. Also I quite often use my finger on my big XDA to navigate this is much harder on the smaller. But then I have big fingers and it's for my 13 year old daughter anyway smile

If I have anymore insights I'll let you know, but I suspect that come Christmas I will never be allowed to touch it again!  I just hopes she likes it. Arne have you tried it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse yet?


Posted by Arne Hess on 18.12.04 - 11:25:56

[1] Russ, enjoy as long as you have it in your hand; I'm sure you will never get it back after Christmas! ;-)
Regarding your question of the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse: thanks for asking - yes I've tested it and - no wonder ;-) it works great. No problem at all thanks to the new drivers Think Outside made available which supports the Microsoft Bluetooth stack as well! :-)

Posted by Russ on 18.12.04 - 18:18:53

[2] Thanks for the advice Arne, I guess I will be spending just a little more then, perhaps for her birthday on the 18th Jan smile

If I don't get the chance to say so later, let me just say I enjoy your site even though I don't post much and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 'gadgety' New Year smile



Posted by Rony on 26.12.04 - 17:42:34


Does the JAM and its connector support connection to serial devices as well (like serial gps)?



Posted by Bryan on 22.01.05 - 06:57:13

I've heard that the microphone on the i-mate devices isn't the greatest. ?  Any word on that?


Posted by Bryan on 22.01.05 - 06:59:56

Can someone tell me if the sandisk wifi card really does stick out of the top, or does it fit completely within?

Posted by yaani on 31.01.05 - 22:54:15

hey all, it's a cool thing.. hehe, imate-jam........    everythin u need in ur pocket...  tc

Posted by Dody on 30.01.05 - 06:43:19

as we said before dont forget the RAM size  its only 64  :-(  also the camera problems dont think its better than the old 0.3 m pix more over it comes without flash  :!: 
thank god that  we have everex E900 yikes 
its  absolotly the JAM KILLER

Posted by Lee on 04.02.05 - 10:39:10

Hi, i need my phone as an office. can any one tell me if this is better than Blackberry?

Posted by jn on 04.03.05 - 04:27:29

It's definitely better than blackberry.
Only thing better in the blackberry is the instant email.

Posted by Dan on 14.04.05 - 00:14:42

I called Sound Solutions and they gave me a great deal. They even said they would match any price.

They are in a Mag called Pocket PC MAg

heres the number to call

I got a great deal!!!

(801) 456-3730

Posted by Adam on 02.05.05 - 04:07:21

Hey everyone,

I got my iMate JAM yesterday, I've never had a PDA before so I'm still learning about it.

Can anyone answer the below questions?

1.)  When it is off, and I press the power button it comes on, but the backlight doesn't.  If I press the power button again to get the backlight on, then it turns off.  Am I doing something wrong?

2.)  How does the key lock (button lock) work? I keep on accidentally calling people while the phone is in my pocket.


Posted by Arne Hess on 02.05.05 - 11:15:18

Adam wrote:

1.)  When it is off, and I press the power button it comes on, but the backlight doesn't.  If I press the power button again to get the backlight on, then it turns off.  Am I doing something wrong?

Press and hold the on/off button to switch on/off the backlight.
To switch on/off the device itself press the on/off button shorter. It will go on in the condition it went off (e. g. with light off or light on).

2.)  How does the key lock (button lock) work? I keep on accidentally calling people while the phone is in my pocket.

Go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Button Lock and enable "Lock all buttons except Power button". Now you can switch on your device with the power button only (except if you get a call where it turn on itself).

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