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PHOTOVIEW: Vodafone LG KS20 Windows Mobile 6 Professional UMTS Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 26.11.07 - 00:07:49 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 25288x
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LG's recently introduced Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone, the LG KS20, is a typical rep of a new Windows Mobile touchscreen smartphone generation: Stylish and optically reduced to the max, the LG KS20 sports all the latest and greatest features including HSDPA, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, an FM radio as well as a 2 megapixel autofocus camera with photo light and a front facing video telephony camera.
The housing features a glossy black piano finishing with a sidewise chrome border and only has two call buttons and a 5-way joystick on the front. Left and right, the KS20 has a couple of shortcut keys including the camera shutter.

The touchscreen is embedded flat and borderless but unlike HTC's line of Touch devices, the KS20 screen isn't as steady as HTC's Bio Touch displays (or the Samsung SGH-i780 touchscreen). While it's also optimized for stylus-less thumb-use, it's a little bit squashier:

More videos and the complete review will follow soon, in the meantime feel free to ask your questions in the comments bellow.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Joe on 26.11.07 - 00:16:55

Glad to see companies are starting to realize that size matters to some people! I think this is an awesome phone, too bad I can't use it as it's only Tri-Band.

Now if only someone could release a Windows Mobile Phone in this size with a SureType keyboard (or number pad at least) add GPS, a faster proc and more memory and that would be the ultimate Windows Mobile device! Windows Mobile needs a touch screen device with the deminsions of a typical cell phone.

Posted by mld on 26.11.07 - 01:10:50

Well Joe,

The HTC Touch Dual is the device you're asking for, except for missing built-in GPS. Though, I think it would be rather later than sooner till that one crosses the pond.

Posted by A2E on 26.11.07 - 08:42:33

How's battery life? It seems to be, according to the specs, quite poor compared to other new devices, and the main reason I'm still waiting off to order one...

Posted by MTM on 26.11.07 - 18:21:20

Nice pictures, but I think you tend to make them a bit dark? smile

What do you mean exactly by "squashier"? And is Bio Touch HTC's official name or something you have come up with? It sounds a bit futuristic :p

Really looking forward to your review. Could be the deciding factor for me to choose between Touch Dual and KS20 smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 26.11.07 - 18:27:22

Bio Touch is a term HTC uses for this kind of displays where a Plexiglas is on top of the LCD screen (meaning the display is designed to be used with your finger instead of a stylus).
Regarding the photos - they are not dark but the device is so dark and contrast-less. Definitely hard to photograph (I spent half of the Sunday trying to get better photos).

Posted by MTM on 27.11.07 - 00:13:36

Thanks for the reply. But I guess there is still a capacitive layer on top of the Plexiglas, since it must be capacitive when it can be controlled with a stylus - unlike e.g. the iPhone (and the Prada phone too, I think), where you can't use a stylus because it's not the actual pressure on the screen it recognizes.

How does the screen on LG KS20 feel compared to the Bio Touch screens HTC use? Softer? Better/worse?

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.11.07 - 00:21:08

Especially for you (no - I'm kidding - not for you only ;-) I've just finalized and uploaded the latest video view. Hope it answers most questions but more to come tomorrow.

Posted by johnny on 06.12.07 - 10:24:57

Can you please help i am going to buy this model,but i can not find anywhere any camera shots.Is that true that the LG KS20 has a awful camera;;; Pleae respond thanks

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.12.07 - 13:27:51

I wouldn't say it has an awful camera. It's not bad, not bad for a Windows Mobile device and quite comparable with other Windows Mobile 2 megapixel cameras. Find bellow links to some unedited sample shots I made today: … ample1.jpg … ample2.jpg … ample3.jpg

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