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Pocket PC 2003: Which devices are upgradeable and where to get the upgrade from?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 24.06.03 - 12:50:33 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10349x
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Many of you might want to know how to upgrade your Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC Phone Edition device to Pocket PC (Phone Edition) 2003 - right? ;-)

Microsoft compiled a great FAQ which covers most questions:

Why upgrade your Pocket PC 2002 to Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC?
Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC builds on Microsoft's thought leadership for mobile devices, ushering in a new operating systems that improves the wireless experience, enables great messaging and extends the media experience. Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC enhances your ability to communicate and to send, receive and manage data while mobile. With additional security, an improved Pocket Internet Explorer, a new picture-viewing application, a new version of Windows Media Player and enhancements to the core personal information management functionality, this new version of Pocket PC offers a rich and powerful user experience.

It also includes some links to OEM upgrade sites:

Just a word regarding Pocket PC Phone Edition upgrades: it can be also expected that O2, T-Mobile and other carriers will offer upgrades since upgrading existing hardware to a new software is cheaper for carriers then subsidizing complete new hardware. But you might have to give them a little bit time for the upgrades.
However, don't install another upgrade than the one from your carrier on your Phone Edition. This can cause problems with the bandwidth selection; for instance if you try to install a GSM 900/1800 MHz version (used in Europe and Asia) on a GSM 900/1900 MHz version (used in North America).

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Gary Stanley on 26.06.03 - 15:44:14


Will the PPCW.Net smartphones be upgradable?  If so, will you provide a link to an upgrade site or provide the upgrade yourself?


Posted by Arne Hess on 26.06.03 - 16:50:41

@Gary: That's a pretty good question but still to early to talk about.

What Microsoft did was announcing Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC aka Pocket PC 2003. What wasn't announced so far is Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone aka Smartphone 2003.

Sure I'm already working on this topic in the background and I will try my best to offer an upgrade to all PPCW.Net i-Mate users (however today I can't give any guarantees that I will be able to offer upgrades or not but as I said: I'm working on this pretty hard). What we can expect from our experience with the Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 update is, that this upgrade will not be free of charge. Doesn't matter if I provide the update or anyone else will offer it for me.

But for sure I can say that I'm working on it already!

Posted by David C on 09.07.03 - 12:14:49

Have you heard anything about a driver upgrade for the RTM 8000 GSM/GPRS CF card? Mine doesn't work with PPC 2003 - the OS just does not recognise the GPRS card.

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.07.03 - 12:41:22

Hmmm, that's weird... Which device are you using?

When I put it into my 2003 flashed iPAQ H5400, the iPAQ recognize it as a new communication device and asks me if I want to create a new connection but it doesn't appears in the Modem list.

However, I just confirmed it with a friend who has an iPAQ H2200 and there the card appears as "GPRS".

Don't know what's wrong here but I will check!

Posted by Sam on 22.08.03 - 05:55:59

Is Qtek 1010, O2 Xda,T-Mobile are same devices?O2 XDA is providing Upgrade for their customer.What upgrade is that?PPC 2003?There are ROM upgrades and Radio Stack Upgrades.Will that be working in QTEK 1010?


Posted by Arne Hess on 22.08.03 - 08:41:09

@Sam: Yes, the 1010, xda and T-Mobile are the same device from HTC.

However, the ROM upgrade O2 offers for their customers are improved and fixed PPC 2002 ROM, not 2003 :!:

Today, O2 hasn't decided/announced anything about xda upgrades to 2003.

Posted by Sam on 29.08.03 - 13:36:12

I cannot read arabic sites in my Qtek1010 pocket pc.Do i need to download fonts?if yes then please give the link or any other solution.


Posted by michela goretti on 05.09.03 - 10:52:19

I have been experencied some problems with qtek 1010 in order to connect to gprs line.

As I open the box and switch on my pda I attempted to execute autoconfiguration command but it was impossible, there wasn't any carrier. I made a new connection with right TIM (italian telco operator) parameters but I have had problems with  connection instauration, only a few times I could connect.

the ROM realise in my pda is 3.14. Can this one be a problem?


Posted by Shameem on 23.12.03 - 12:30:54

Download and install pocket arabizer from imaginet.. you can find this product at

Posted by Essam on 13.01.04 - 04:25:44

all what you have to do is to purchase asoftware called arabizer this one will enable yuo to read and write arabic in you qtek 1010.

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.01.04 - 17:57:44

Pocket Arabizer is available from here:

Posted by Harman on 05.02.04 - 18:36:01

I have the same problem. My RTM-8000 doesn't work with my H5450 and Pocket PC 2003.  Please if you have a solution, help me.

Posted by tamer on 26.03.04 - 21:04:31

please help... i have a qtek 1010 and make a wrong upgrade for a rom and give me a message mean retry... and i make a restart to it and no way and hard reset and noooo way  it,s not able to open never what can i do???

Posted by oraini on 21.10.04 - 19:51:58

I bought the Language Extender Arabic for 2003 Pocket
pc (IPAQ 6315). I had download the software to my
pocket pc but i have problems are
1) I can not type Arabic SMS
2) I can not read Arabic website.
Please i need to solve the problem.

Posted by Mike on 25.01.05 - 23:06:37

Where can I find a link to download the Viewsonic v37 upgrade?   I have the v35 but viewsonic claims the v37 requires a different update which they no longer carry. if anyone has a link or woud be interested in selling a copy please email me...any help is greatly appreciated!!

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