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POLL: Candybar - Clamshell or Slider - what's your choice? [CLOSED]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 04.05.06 - 17:50:12 CET under 10 - Polls - Viewed 18293x
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Since the first launch of the Windows Mobile Smartphone, we get "tons" (if you can say this in relation to Windows Mobile Smartphones) of candybar Smartphones. From the HTC SPVs to the Samsung i300/310 and the soon to be launched HTC Breeze. However, in the same time (and I'm only talking about GSM phones now) we only got three clamshell devices (Motorola MPx200/MPx220) and the soon to be launched HTC Star Trek (aka Dopod S300). We haven't seen a single Windows Mobile Smartphone slider yet, such a nice one as recently released by LG as the Chocolate or the soon to be launched Samsung SGH-E900 and it makes me wonder why we haven't seen this form factor for Smartphones by now?
Is there no market for slider Smartphones, does the OMDs just misses an opportunity or is it just me who like sliders as well?

What would be your favorite Smartphone form factor?

Total votes: 193
Different (please explain in the comments)10.5

Until I got a MPx220, I was always a candybar user. However, this changed with the MPx220 and I'm looking forward the new HTC Star Trek now. But I'm also attracted by the idea of the slider concept, what's about you?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by hylton on 04.05.06 - 18:35:26

same thing w/ me.  i always preferred candybar phone, mostly the small nokia units like the 6560.  after moving to the smartphone platform w/ an audiovox smt5600 (which i managed to destroy in a few months) i moved to the mpx220 to see how i like the flip...loved it...will definitely be getting the new qtek 8500 as soon as it's available.

Posted by smeg6 on 05.05.06 - 08:16:24

Don't forget the 8380 and 8390 now.  Not widely available, but they do exist.  I don't see the slider market, at least here in the US, being a very big one, let alone for the Smartphone OS.  I'm definitely checking out the Star Trek though.

Posted by Arne Hess on 05.05.06 - 13:25:40

smeg6, how can I forgot them, you are right - Mitac [selfurl=]*was* active here[/selfurl] as well (and I forgot to mention it) but hey, since the 8390 we have never heard anything from them anymore and these devices are outdated today. sad

Posted by smeg6 on 05.05.06 - 15:59:52

Yeah, I always wanted to pick one up but never got around to it.  What ever happened to them?  They just kind of disappeared after the 8390.  I remember reading some rumors, but it never amounted to anything.  Back to the topic, is the slider market larger outside the US?  My Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone was a slider design, but I would've preferred some flip design like the MPx300 was.

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