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POLL: Do you and how do you use Mobile TV? [CLOSED]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 23.04.06 - 15:13:51 CET under 10 - Polls - Viewed 13553x
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Ok, mobile TV is one of the buzz-words this year and if you attend the 3GSM Congress or the CeBIT, every second stand offered a kind of mobile TV solution, mostly DVB-H or DMB based.
Looks like after the "mobile Internet" aka WAP and i-mode and music download services, mobile TV is the next hype mobile operators want to find a new revenue stream in.
However, there are other options as well, to get the TV on your mobile device like Sling Media's SlingBox or Orb Network's Orb which provides you the full flavor of mobile TV, not operator pre-defined TV-services.
The question is do you use mobile TV already (or do you plan to do so) and if so, which technologies you are using/want to use? Or don't you have any interest in mobile TV at all?

How do you / will you use Mobile TV?

Total votes: 89
I am / will using a Hardware solution to get my own TV channels streamed (e.g. Sling Media)5359.6
I am / will using a Software solution to get my own TV channels streamed (e.g. Orb)1314.6
I am / will using a Operator solution to get Mobile TV broadcasted (e.g. DVB-H, DMB)66.7
I am / will use a different solution, not listed above (please tell us about in the comments)22.2
I have absolutely zero interest in Mobile TV and do not think I will use it within the next years1516.9

At the moment I'm neither using Orb (because of the lack of DVB-T support and I don't get the Beta bits working) nor Sling Media's SlingBox (because the PAL box isn't out now) but just use some IPTV-based TV services.
I don't think DVB-H or DMB can attract me too much, not if I get predefined TV services but I want to watch live TV as I would do at home.

Cheers ~ Arne