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POLL: Do you use Mobile Music? [CLOSED]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 28.01.06 - 19:01:00 CET under 10 - Polls - Viewed 13083x
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Mobile music, music download and especially mobile music download is in everybody's mouth now and after the big Internet portals like msn, Yahoo and AOL and for sure the most successful music shop iTunes, also mobile carriers jumped to the music download hype to offer music shops but unlike the "traditional" music shops, they offer some features more like mobile shopping and mobile song download.
The questions is if it makes sense to purchase and download music on the go or if it isn't enough to buy it at home, to download it at home and to synchronize it to a mobile device later. Or even the other way around, to buy it mobile but downloading and listening purchased song at home only:

What is Mobile Music for you?

Total votes: 66
Purchasing it at home - Downloading it at home - Synching it to a mobile device - Listening it mobile3756.1
Purchasing it mobile - Downloading it mobile - Listening it mobile69.1
Purchasing it mobile - Downloading it at home - Synching it to a mobile device - Listening it mobile11.5
Purchasing it mobile - Downloading it at home - Listening it at home only00
Are you kidding? I do not buy music online at all2233.3

Have I missed any options above? At least that's the options I found so far at Internet and mobile operator music shops. Please note, the answers above includes subscription services as well.

UPDATE: The poll is closed now.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Franz on 29.01.06 - 00:26:14

Mobile shopping but home playback only? Must be a weird operator scenario, right? Why should I shop mobile but download and playback at home only? The fun is to take the music with me! smile

Posted by VStream on 29.01.06 - 17:28:21

Good topic to talk about for hours and days Arne. Actually I think most operators don't get the message how 1) mobile music works or better should work and 2) what customers (who pay for these services) really want! During the past months, I got the feeling that operators have no idea what mobile music is and how to build it!
Definitely I will stay with Napster, it gives me a way broader access (at home) but allows to take all the music with me using my Pocket PC and my PlaysForSure MP3 player. Why should I pay more to get a kind of "mobile" access I don't want and need!?

Posted by KHS on 30.01.06 - 19:52:41

I second it: >>Purchasing it mobile - Downloading it at home - Listening it at home only<< Souns wired! Why should I? At home I have broadband and a PC.

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