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POLL: Do you use your Pocket PC Phone Edition for voice calls too? [CLOSED]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 16.03.06 - 21:29:28 CET under 10 - Polls - Viewed 13711x
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I had a couple of discussions about this topic during the CeBIT, especially when friends, partners and supporters of the::unwired saw that I have (daytimes) two devices with me: a Windows Mobile Smartphone and a Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
While I'm a big fan of Pocket PC (Phone Editions since 2001) since 19. April 2000, I hardly ever used my Pocket PC Phone Edition as my mobile phone but mostly as my (online) data device only - following Microsoft's previous categorization of a "data centric" device.
In addition, I always used a mobile phone / Smartphone (since fall 2002) which is daytimes my voice device and nighttimes my voice and data device (for E-Mail and web). I wonder if I'm alone or not and what's your favorite combination:

What is your favorite combination?

Total votes: 144
Smartphone only for Voice and Data1711.8
Pocket PC Phone Edition only for Voice and Data9968.8
Smartphone for (mostly) Voice only - Pocket PC Phone Edition for (mostly) Data only117.6
Mobile Phone for Voice - Pocket PC Phone Edition for (mostly) Data only1711.8

Maybe you want to share your combination and why you use this combination in the comments bellow also? I would like to better understand why the::unwired visitors use which combinations.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by carl on 16.03.06 - 21:48:36

cool site! i use the mobile phone pocket pc combination since i have't found a decent smartphone yet and pocket pc are not too good for a one hand use. maybe i will change with the treo 700 but so far i prefer the 2 device workaround too!

Posted by Carsten on 16.03.06 - 23:22:01

Since the MDA Compact (i-mate JAM) hit the shelfs i banned normal mobile phones from my pockets. I owned a normal Pocket PC before and was now stunned by the features and performance that were stuffed into that small device. My mobile phone at the time was a Nokia 6100, one of the last small, non camera phones.

While i found making normal phone calls pretty hard at first i shifted to using the speeddial option, so i had all my most needed numbers at my thumb and didn't need to pull the pen. I also tried a software called PhonePlus but this thing crashed much to often and it was pretty slow in rendering its interface - which would be a BIG problem for any phone application since you need fast screen updates at this.
The IntelliDialer software by T-Mobile i now use has a option for searching by vanity number which now works for me, when i have to call contacts that are not in my speeddial list.

Call quality is fine after a ROM update and i wouldn't want to miss that device a day!
Battery performance is ok, turning off the infraredport helped a lot, BT is off most of the times too. I can go for 1-2 days including watching prerecorded TV-Shows in bed. This is much better than relying on today's TVschedule :-) Its size is fully compatible for everday use and it even fits my jeans pockets although i don't take it to the clubs for security reasons. Bigger PocketPC form factors wouldn't work for me!

keep up the good work,

Posted by AlesE on 17.03.06 - 10:51:29

For the last 2 years I was using my phone edition as my full time phone.
It was a bit of a struggle with my Himalaya device (Qtek 2020) because of it's size and not so good battery life, but now that I got HTC Wizard (Qtek 9100) there is no problem.
The new device is small enough I can carry it everywhere and has good battery life, also the WM5 is making the whole experience much more comfortable than before.
It's just great to have PocketPC and phone in one, with all my needed information.

However I do also have another device the Universal (Qtek 9000) as my data centric device, but it's mostly used to browse the web and as micro notebook - I don't have any PIM info on it.

I was thinking about Smartphone option a lot, but the fact that there is no easy input method (I just hate typing a message on phone keyboard) is just not good enough, so the small Phone Edition is just perfect.

Posted by Carlo Guerrero on 17.03.06 - 21:04:19

Whenever I use a Pocket PC Phone Edition device, I use it as my phone, pda, and data access device.

It's either that or I use a Smartphone.

I've used my HP iPAQ 6365 hours on end with a Bluespoon AX BT headset... Yes the HP iPAQ 6365 can last several days on one charge with BT on, and 3 hrs straight on one call.

Posted by Jason on 19.03.06 - 02:54:35

I too am using the Qtek 9100 as my only device and it is perfct for me as both a phone and a data device. I see people with smartphone AND PPC phones sometimes and wonder why they carry so many at once...

The battery life with the HTC Wizard is almost as good as with the 6315 iPAQ, which was awesome.  I actually recall getting WAY  more than the other respondent's 3 hours of call time, at more than 6-7 hours it was impressive.

Posted by Squeeze on 19.03.06 - 08:41:31

I use my HTC Wizard 100 (Cingular 2125) as my primary data and mobile phone.  However, when I know I need to be on a really LONG call and have an important client on the other line, I use my Nokia N70. 

I really use my Wizard to make a call when the other person on the other line needs Caller ID to identify me.  If not, then I can use my Nokia N70.

Posted by Thomas O. on 19.03.06 - 14:00:32

Hi Arne,
my oppinion still is, having one gadget should be aimed on!

The XDAIIi comes very close to what I want.

I love to use the mobile Edition with bt-headset as a full mobile phone.

see you

Posted by Adegboyegun on 30.03.06 - 19:01:06

I am surprised that people buy PPCP only for data or voice. I think the reason for designing PPCP is to serve both purposes and help the individual carry one gadget instead of two or more. For me, my old XDA II is code named "My second brain and companion" because it does everything for me - mobile phone, e-mail, music while travelling, records when I need facts, librarry when I am at work in the hospital, etc.I think it is a waste of money when you use PPCP for voice only when you can buy a cell phone for less than half the price. The same goes for somebody who uses it for only date.

Posted by Anup on 24.05.06 - 15:09:51

I use an O2 XDA IIi for data (and multimedia) only, and a Nokia N70 for calls and camera use.
The "Phone" part of PPC PE really sucks. I still prefer symbian for my phone use. But for multimedia and data (internet-related use), Wi Mob (PPC PE) wins hands down.
I tried using the O2 as my phone for a short while (I gave it 3 days to prove itself) but I just couldn't feel comfortable. In fact I'm not on the phone that much, just a max of 1-2 hours of voice calls a day. But I still find the N70 more comfortable for calls. And, the O2's camera can't hold a candle to the one on the N70.
But, usage wise, I spend three to four times as much time using my O2, than my N70.
When there will be a symbian (phone) device with a 3.4" or bigger screen, with the software support (additional software), versatility and hardware power of a Win Mo device, and most/all the other Wi Mo features, I'll shift entirely to symbian, and carry one device. Till then, 2 devices for me.

Posted by Vasily on 08.06.06 - 10:14:59

I think I'm the only one who only uses my Pocket PC for phone purposes.  I tried the internet feature of it, and .. well, I was really dissapointed.  It was slow, bad resolution for mapquest, and then mobile devices cannot access secure sites.  So, I canceled the $40/month internet service on the thing, and now I'm left with a bulky storage device/phone for calling people.  If interenet was $5/month then I would keep it.

Posted by Thomas Chan on 20.07.06 - 02:03:46

The T-Mobile MDA is the best thing since slice bread, for techies like me.  I used to try very hard to make my IPAQ 3830 work like a phone by putting in a Globetrotter GSM/GPRS card.  I used to surf the web on that thing as well, even though it was on GPRS speed. That was my phone and portable internet access device for around 2-3 years until I upgraded to MDA couple months ago.  I now do almost everything on my MDA, phone calls, internet access, mp3, GPS, live TV (streamed from my orb server at home).  My wife starts to think I will lose my social life with this new gadget.  ;-)

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