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PPCW.Net i-Mate: Additional payment and shipping options for PPCW.Net i-Mate orders
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 05.07.03 - 19:14:32 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6408x
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Many of you without PayPal accounts or outside PayPal covered countries have asked if other payments like Credit Card is also accepted.
Unfortunately I can not process orders through Credit Cards as it is to expensive and doesn't makes sense for one item only which is currently on sale. However, I've added Money Transfer now as payment option. This means that you can also transfer the invoiced amount directly from your to my bank account instead of transferring it between PayPal accounts first (please note that in that case payments have to be made in EURO). As this is also cheaper for me I'm happy to give you a 3 % discount for the PPCW.Net i-Mate if payment was done via money transfer.

In addition - since FedEx is super expensive - I'm also offering now regular shipping via postal service. However - unlike with FedEx - this takes a little bit longer - up to a week or so. Anyway; the savings are good enough to think about using postal service instead of FedEx.

I still have to update the price list so here are the actual prices in a short overview:

  PayPal Money Transfer
  European Union* Other Countries European Union* Other Countries
i-Mate Smartphone 579,00 EUR 549.00 US$ 561,00 EUR 484,00 EUR
Clip-on Camera 89,00 EUR 89,00 US$ 89,00 EUR 89,00 EUR
* Shipping within the European Union includes 16 % VAT.
VAT free shipping to customers with a valit VAT Registration Number available upon request.
  PayPal Money Transfer
  Post* FedEx* Post* FedEx*
Germany 10,00 EUR


10,00 EUR


19,00 EUR 64,00 EUR 19,00 EUR 64,00 EUR
Other European
29,00 EUR on request 29,00 EUR on request
North America 44,00 US$ 115.00 US$ 39,00 EUR 100.00 EUR
All other Countries 49,00 US$ on request 44,00 EUR on request
* Shipping includes 16 % VAT.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Mohamed Abbas on 06.07.03 - 21:24:05

I wont Pay smart phon Qtek7070

Posted by brett on 08.07.03 - 21:08:19

Please update me on i-mate availibility. I have been on the waiting list for quite some time. Thanks...Brett

Posted by Robert Rogers on 10.07.03 - 22:27:03

Received my SmartPhone today. Looks great but... I can't get it to work on the T-Mobile network here in the U.S.

I tried both Automatic and Manual network search. I could have sworn that I read that it would work with T-Mobile somewhere on this site. Any suggestions?

Posted by Patrick Gilbert on 11.07.03 - 01:52:43

I am glad to see that I am not the only one experiencing problems because there's probably a better chance to resolve this quickly.  Ialso received my i-Mate yesterday, and while I have no problem placing or receiving calls with it on the US T-Mobile network, I can't get the GPRS to work properly, even though all the connections settings are identical to my other Smartphones (from Compal).  Any idea anyone ?

Posted by Norm Sloan on 11.07.03 - 03:13:21

Received mine today but it will not communicate with T-Mobile. I am getting a message saying "Network Denied, Searching . . " Spoke with T-Mobile and they, of course, said it was a problem with the phone. My sim card does work fine when I put it back in my Nokia.

No problem synchronizing with Outlook - worked as soon as I put it in the cradle and connected the USB cable.

Posted by Patrick Gilbert on 11.07.03 - 05:22:08

If you can't find the network at all, leave the Network on "Automatic" but make sure that you are using the right Band. Go to Settings>Telephony>change band and make sure it is on "PCS". The phone is set for Europe by default.

Your phone will reboot, and it should find T-Mobile/Voicestream within seconds.

Patrick Gilbert

Posted by Sally Platt on 22.07.03 - 21:40:43

Has anyone been able to get the EZOS MMS Client to work on T-Mobile USA? How is it?

Posted by Andreas Hasler on 30.07.03 - 15:54:14

Can i update the PPCW.Net i-Mate to Smarthphone 2003 when it will be released?

Andreas Hasler


Posted by Bjorn Lundin on 11.03.04 - 12:35:32

A friend of mine just brought me back an i-Mate from China which he bought second hand but unfortunately he forgot the charger. Does anybody know where I could order one from and how much they are?

Posted by souhel on 06.02.05 - 14:33:31

hello my name is souhel
i would like to you about the i-mate jam if there is wierless build in, i mean wireless to make use the internet ,i knew that it has bluetooth and IR  but my quiestion is , is there wireless in it
please answer me as soon as possible
im looking forward to hear from u

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