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PPCW.NET: Image ripping from PPCW.Net increased during the past weeks
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 10.05.03 - 14:00:23 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 6976x
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This is just a notice for other webmaster running Pocket PC and Smartphone sites:

During the past weeks, image ripping from PPCW.Net has increased dramatically and I don't mean copy a screenshot or photo from PPCW.Net and paste it to your web server but simply taking the image from my web server with the <img src=""> tag. 8O
As I don't have a problem in most cases if this is done with a copyright notice and the thumbnails are used only, more and more webmasters rip off the images without any copyright notices (and links back to PPCW.Net) but use my images and therefore my bandwidth for their sites. :twisted:

Like one site which robbed a screenshot with 89 KB yesterday more then 600 times or another one which robbed two 72 KB pictures more then 200 times. If you sum up this, it really costs me money as well as it reduce the performance of my web server! :roll:

Therefore I would like to ask all webmasters not to simply copy and paste the image tag but copy the complete picture and put it to your web server! :idea:

As a result of this bandwidth ripping, I've reactivated the image protection in my .HTACCESS file which doesn't allow you to link directly to pictures from PPCW.Net anymore. Unfortunately this sanction also hits websites which used thumbnails from PPCW.Net only and linked back to the original story here. :-(

Cheers ~ Arne