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PRE-LAUNCH: Motorola MPX appeared on Motorola's US site
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 18.12.04 - 11:45:03 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7972x
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Is Motorola closer to release the MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition than we thought? Recently it appeared on the Motorola's US site:

Condensing the power of a desktop into the convenience of a mobile phone, the Motorola MPx provides business consumers with a new choice for live, real-time, on-the-go connectivity in a never seen before form factor. This new mobile delivers an "always at hand" convenience via Windows Mobile software, a QWERTY keyboard, continuous connectivity using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as an embedded 1.2-megapixel camera and large dual-hinge landscape and portrait color display. The Motorola MPx creates a successful merger between business and pleasure. Breaking through the convergence clutter, the Motorola MPx is the must-have solution to help driven professionals manage their mobile lives in real time, whether at work, at home, on the road or at play.


  • Microsoft Windows Mobile software allows compatibility with all Pocket PC applications
  • Large dual-hinge landscape and portrait color display for an enhanced experience for gaming, as well as viewing streaming video, photos, applications and more
  • External color display for selecting MP3 music and more
  • One-of-a-kind stylish form factor optimized to consume convergence clutter
  • Integrated 1.2-megapixel camera for on-the-go photo capture
  • 2.8" 240x320 TFT touch screen for easy data input that also works with a stylus
  • Multi-function QWERTY keyboard for easy text entry and managing email
  • Embedded 802.11b wireless networking for high speed Wi-Fi access
  • Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless connectivity with compatible devices
  • Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) for sending photos, wallpaper, icons, ringtones and more
  • SD/MMC slot allowing up to 1 GB of add-on memory for adding business applications, productivity tools, games and more IrDA (infrared) and built-in ActiveSync protocol to sync with Microsoft Outlook including email, address books, etc.

Way to go Motorola because it's still the most innovative Pocket PC Phone Edition concept I've seen so far. However, the 32 MB RAM are still a "no go" for me; even if I love it - beside of this glitch! :-(
To be notified when products are available in the US market and to get Motorola's general promotional E-Mails, you can fill in a form as well - or you check out PPCW.Net regularly! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by zatsmee76 on 21.12.04 - 21:10:02

i am delighted to hear this news. the pages are as follows:

Main Page for MPX

I do agree with you Arne about the 32MB size, but I beleive a 256MB SD card (the one that I already have actually) can do the job. You may install any software, anything on the Sd card. Now of course a 128MB RAM is a luxury (in PDA2K), but the sacrifice of the memory at the price of a great design is worth it.

Something you didn;t mention too, the CPU speed. It occured to me once that mobile users become eager for more features, and of course we favor a higher CPU, but does it really matter? for once I though come on no big deal, it's no WinXP SP2, just an organizer, but then I realize the difference in speed when u run software on 200Mhz for motorola MPX, and 560Mhz for PDA2k. It's noticeable. Then you wonder, how come such a great device is powered by a slow CPU.

I beleive the pros are way better then the cons of this device. Happy to know that waiting for this device has come to end, and maybe we will be seing it in the near future outside US.
I think Motorola should give me one free, I have a list of over 10 people who are dying to buy it. Why? well I did my marketting presentation for it (via pictures, videos, articles) everywhere I go, as If I am a Motorola salesman.

Arne, do you know if there is a craddle for it? wonder how it looks. anyway, thanks for the info.


Posted by Arne Hess on 21.12.04 - 21:20:09

[1] Regarding the RAM you've missed the most important part - it's not just about installing applications - this can be done on SD cards fine (mostly) but the RAM is also used for executing the applications.
If you don't have sufficient RAM, Pocket PC closes applications in the background to free RAM space. In the past it happened pretty often for me that if I switched from Inbox to PIE, Inbox was closed. Or if I had Widows Media running in the background to listen some music, Windows Media was closed because I've opened one or two other applications.

So this is a killer for me - even if I still enjoy the device but I need the freedom to open applications without getting other applications closed, just because I have a new one opened.

Regarding the CPU: yes it's slower but that's nothing which bothers me too much. For sure I enjoy my Xda IIi regarding the speed but speed vs, standby is always a trade-off.

Regarding the cradle - haven't seen anything so far but will ask my Moto contact.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 24.12.04 - 00:14:01

[2] Thanks Arne, did not know that, actually I heard once such a thing, but ur examples further clarified the point. You know what's sad? i think Motorola R&D knows that already better then we do, and yet, they are not elaborating more on this topic. I heard once a speech in Washington about some motorola speaker-man, saying that the reason for this small memory is that the device is not meant to be a PDA but rather a full-featured mobile device. Come on, this argument sucks, it's a lame excuse. I bet they are facing the type of error u described above but they are pressured to RTM the device a.s.a.p.

I think I'll consider ur thoughts when I see the device in the market, maybe to give it a test drive. Thanks again for the info, and have a nice day.


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