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PRESS RELEASE: MATERNA MMS delivery for Mobile Phones with Smartphone 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 19.08.02 - 16:18:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7736x
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MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications is the first provider worldwide, supplying an MMS Client for mobile terminals with the operating system Microsoft Smartphone 2002. Thus, mobile telephones with the new mobile operating system of Microsoft can be made MMS-compatible immediately. With the Anny Way MMS Client of the Dortmund-based company, both the receipt and the delivery of multimedia short messages take place without any problem.
The Microsoft Smartphone platform sets a new standard regarding size and functionality of mobile terminals. The system, which became known under the name „Stinger“ has been specially developed for the possibilities of the wideband networks 2.5. and 3. generation. This includes also the use of MMS, as of short messages, which unite picture, text and tone.
The Anny Way MMS Client makes also the new mobile phones MMS-compatible with the new Microsoft operation system. The Client has been so far used particularly on PDAs with Microsoft Pocket PC for MMS delivery. Now, the owners of mobile terminals with the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 can also send and receive MMS messages easily.
The rapid and successful development of a client for the Microsoft operating system has become possible by the porting of the MMS Clients for PDA with Microsoft PPC. In numerous MMSC trials with national and international network operators, the Anny Way MMS Client has already been tested and checked for its compatibility with the MMSC of different providers.

MATERNA has perfectly adapted the Anny Way MMS Client to the specific needs of the network operators and mobile phone manufacturers. The Client is presented, for instance, with the optical appearance of the network operator or mobile phone label. The MMS Client supports Windows Media Audio and Video Encoder/Decoder and thereby guarantees that the end customer will be provided with the highest audio and video quality. The limit for messages is at 300 KB. The memory capacity for messages is determined by the hardware only.
The support of JPEG, GIF and animated GIF formats brings more MMS fun. Further advantages of the Anny Way MMS Clients result from its support of SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language). Thus, different multimedia items can - as known from presentation programs - be presented as a unit according to a defined timing. Thanks to SMIL, picture, text, sound and animation follow a certain choreography.

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