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PREVIEW: 2k development released check4mail for Microsoft Smartphone 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 11.08.03 - 15:05:51 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 7022x
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2k development introduce check4mail for Microsoft Smartphone 2002 today. check4mail automatically connects to the internet and checks your predefined E-Mail accounts if there are new messages waiting for you.
If you received new mails with your accounts you will be notified by a ring and a message which appears on the screen and gives you an overview of all your accounts and the new mails since last check.

Enter your account data easily and setup the checking interval and timing so that you can check all your accounts in one go. This optimizes costs and increases the response time of your mails while you are on the move. More than 30 major email service providers are preinstalled so that you just have to enter your email address, login name and password. All other settings are coming from the internal database.

An extremely flexible scheduler allows to define the times and intervals when your emails accounts are checked for new E-Mails.
When you activate the silent mode the ring tone is disabled if you get a new email. So you will not disturb during meetings. In the offline mode the check4mail is deactivated. In the offline mode no email accounts are checked until you deactivate the offline mode.

check4mail Features:

  • More than 30 predefined E-Mail service providers
  • Automatically checks POP3 or IMAP4 accounts
  • Up to 99 accounts that will be checked
  • Easy account management
  • Powerful scheduling for checking the E-Mail
  • Silent mode
  • Offline mode

I've already tested it in the Beta and as you might know, I'm an E-Mail junkie. Unfortunately the Smartphone supports one E-Mail account only why I'm often remote access my Desktop Outlook with the Internet Explorer using 01 Communique's I'm in Touch.

However, this always costs time and and for sure money and I'm often logged in when new messages was there. So check4mail is the perfect addition now to know if new E-Mails are there or not and if it makes sense to log into Outlook or not.
However, please keep in mind that check4mail isn't an Inbox replacement since it doesn't fetch any messages or subjects but informs you about new mails only!

To celebrate the launch of check4mail, the nice folks from 2k development are giving away 3 copies to the PPCW.Net readers for free. The first three replies in the comments below will win, so hurry up and don't forget to tell us how many E-Mail accounts you plan to check with check4mail (required to win!). As always, winners will be informed via E-Mail.

check4mail is is code signed and available from for US$ 14,95. A trial version is planned also.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by joparp on 11.08.03 - 18:15:35

Wow, this is what I've been waiting for for my Smartphone.  I than six email accounts by the name "joparp", but only one account allowed on Smartphone is too limited. 

Also, I have questions.  Do I have to subscribe for Yahoo Plus to retrieve emails to my Smartphone?

What about Hotmail, is it possible to retrieve emails to Smartphone using the predefined settings on check4mail?

Can't wait to try this product.  Let's start count down to the release time.



Posted by joparp on 11.08.03 - 18:35:27 more thing.  Another feature that I wish my Smartphone should have is an optoin to store my emails and attachments on Storage Card instead of the limited main memory. 



Posted by jctune on 11.08.03 - 18:57:52


Free software just for replying?!  Sign me up. 

I'll be checking at least 3 accounts with this tool.

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.08.03 - 19:24:47

Yes, you can win by simply replying... :-D So who is the 3rd winner!?

Come on guys, don't be so shy... ;-)

Posted by Pinnacle on 11.08.03 - 20:49:55


Posted by Pinnacle on 11.08.03 - 20:51:30

BTW, 4 accounts will be checked with this beauty!

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.08.03 - 21:06:03

Okay, here we go! The lucky winners are joparp, jctune and Pinnacle who will check (together) at least 13 E-Mail accounts.

Stay tuned for an E-Mail during the next days.

All others might want to give the demo a try (link above).

Congrats and cheers ~ Arne

Posted by joparp on 11.08.03 - 21:24:26

Hey thanks

Posted by Pinnacle on 11.08.03 - 21:28:29

You're the best, Arne!

Posted by Pinnacle on 12.08.03 - 15:05:43

So...has anyone figured out if this works with Hotmail?  Not that it's a requirement for me; it would just be a nice add-in wink

Posted by jctune on 12.08.03 - 17:31:16

Thanks Arne,

Not only do I get an I-Mate, but free software as well.

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