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PREVIEW: ALL-locations GPRS Traffic Counter for Pocket PC [UPDATE 21.05.02]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 25.04.02 - 21:53:00 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8907x
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The ALL-location Traffic Counter adds the missing functionality of monitoring the GPRS traffic on Pocket PCs. This data can be synced to the Desktop PC. However, its intention is to be as real as possible but the GPRS networks might count the traffic different.

The GPRS Traffic Counter includes the following features:

  • Monitoring your GPRS Traffic
  • Warning when you reach a self-defined amount of traffic
  • See if you currently have a connection
  • User interface in multiple languages (depending on the PPC Regional Settings)
  • Graphical and textual overview of your traffic statistics
  • Backup mechanism


Before you can use the GPRS Traffic Counter, you have to install it for sure but you have also to configure it, that it can counts your traffic proper.

In the Settings you will find a new icon called GPRS Traffic Counter. By opening it you get access to the complete configuration menu. After tapping the Settings tab you are able to enter your GPRS fees and prices like monthly fee, inclusive Data in MB and price per MB. You are able to define the currency but unfortunately not the data amount as many operators bill in Kbytes but not in MB.

Below this cost definition you can setup which notification icon/function you want to add to the Task bar:

  • Traffic/Speed shows you your current upstream/downstream
  • Inclusive Data provides you information how many MB are still available or how many MB you are above the limit.
  • Personal Counter calculates the costs on your defined fees.

View your traffic stats

After you configured the prices/fees and included volume and you surfed a little bit through the web you should open the Traffic Counter again but tapping this time the Graphs or Traffic tab.
Here are all your traffic statistics stored and available graphical and textural.

The Graphical output allows you to watch your traffic history in a monthly or yearly overview (personally I miss a daily overview while I'm not sure if a yearly overview is really necessary) while the textural gives you the output for your personal counter which works more or less like a trip meter on your car, selected period or current data session.

Backup your stats

Backing up your statistics prevents you for losing your data in case of a Pocket PC crash - means hard reset. Therefore the Traffic Counter installs itself into ActiveSync where you can configure from where and to where the statistics should be synced. That's nice but isn't necessary as a CSV file is synced only which could be done by ActiveSync folder sync too. However, this feature allows you also to use the statistics on your Desktop PC.

Side Note

GPRS Traffic Counter counts all data traffic on your Pocket PC, excepting ActiveSync and LAN connection (I hope). This means that also regular CSD connections will be counted on your GPRS account and therefore your bill could differentiate from the counted traffic on your device.

Final Conclusion

ALL-location is on a pretty right way with its GPRS Traffic Counter. Even if I see some possible improvements (please note that this software is still Beta today) this kind of application is more than required today. Doesn't matter if you have a Pocket PC 2002, connected with a GPRS mobile phone, or a Pocket PC Phone Edition, which doesn't include by default a GPRS counter too.
It's good to know, that one of the coming Wireless Pocket PCs will include ALL-locations GPS Counter. Unfortunately this soft isn't available for download today and also my version was a a dummy version only which generated the logs by itself. So I wasn't able to test it under real conditions (but there is no reason not to trust them that it will works like seen in the demo version).
Anyway, I hope that ALL-location also think about a public consumer version, I know many of you who are looking for that kind of application to use with your Pocket PC/GPRS phone combination!

Cheers ~ Arne

UPDATE: ALL-locations GPRS Traffic Counter 3.0.0 is now available at

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