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PREVIEW: Caller2Picture Beta 2 is available for download now
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 26.03.03 - 19:46:17 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7721x
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The good news came from Vision to Reality just 30 minutes ago, Beta 2/Release Candidate 1 of Caller2Picture for Smartphone is available for download through the link below!

Since Beta 1, V2R changed a lot, incl. a complete modification of the setup UI and they also added some useful things which makes me thinking that C2P is really in a RC1 stage now:

Now the C2P main screen includes a complete overview of your current contact which you can edit as well as a new menu which lets you select from where the pictures should be selected as well as giving you an overview about your currently assigned contacts and a preview window. Also quitting Caller2Picture is possible now which save a lot of memory!

By moving to the contact name field and pressing the action button, you get a complete overview of your available contact names.

After you select the contact you can select which phone number should be assigned. Here you can select between one number only and all numbers.

Select Ringtone lets you assign a dedicated Ringtone per contact name/phone number. The pre-listening function currently works with WAV files only as there seems to be a problem with the Smartphone API for pre-listening MIDI files.

In the next row you can select the picture you want to assign. This pictures are available in a preview mode also now!

If you configured everything you can watch how the picture would looks like in the preview mode.

After everything is right, simply save your new assignment and here we go, from the main menu you can watch all your current assigned contacts!

The Beta 2 has also some modifications of the backend file structure. This means that you need to assign your contact new, if you have already tested Beta 1. Beta 2 is a time limited Beta until 15. April and lets you assign 5 contacts maximum.

Depending on your feedback of how the current version work, we will also see a Beta 3/RC2 or not; so please keep the chance to add your comments below if the Beta 2 works proper on your handset.

Please report any bugs as detailed as possible like operator you use, how the contact phone numbers are stored (format), etc.

The feature list for version 1 is closed so I don't expect that we will see any new features.

Enjoy Caller2Picture Beta 2 and let me and V2R know what you think about it!

Please keep in mind that you still need a de-certified Smartphone 2002 to install C2P! Also it's important to switch off/on the Smartphone after the installation to get the Registry changes recognized from the phone!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by buzz lightyear on 27.03.03 - 08:38:27

How do I get the ringtones list to show files other than in the Windows directory, I want to use those from my Sounds directory like in the normal Smartphone OS Sounds settings

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.03.03 - 12:43:30

@Michael and liam_spv: Already sent you the installation file by E-Mail. There might be some DL problems if you are using a firewall or Norton Internet Security.

But now it should work for you. Please keep us updated with your comments about Beta 2!

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.03.03 - 13:41:27

@buzz lightyear: This feature seems not implemented today but it's a good input I hope V2R will think about for the final release!

So far it seems you can select the storage location for the images only.

Posted by terminater2_uk on 27.03.03 - 14:14:31

cant get it to work. no matter where i put my jpgs, it says the settings are saved but fails to show pic when receiving phone call. same thing applies whether programme is saved to phone or sd card.

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.03.03 - 14:20:04

@terminater2_uk: Have you switched off/on the phone after the installation? It's required since some Registry settings needs to be read new! I hope C2P will ask to do this after the installation with the final version, seems to be the biggest issue to get it working!

Posted by terminater2_uk on 27.03.03 - 16:34:18

yep switched off the phone and rebooted still with no effect. seems a much better set-up than beta 1 if i could get it to work apart from not being able to choose your own sounds as custom ringtone. very important. i'll stick with beta 1 until your next release i think.

Posted by Buzz Lightyear on 27.03.03 - 18:51:12

Arne, thanks for the comment, lets hope.

Just been trying the app now I'm home and able to use another phone that identifies the number and terminater_2 is right - it doesn't work.  I've tried everything and it just shows the normal screen for incoming calls - with my normal ringtone

What gives ?

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.03.03 - 21:30:31

@Buzz Lightyear: So I think you switched off/on the phone after the installtion, right?

In which format appears the phone number on your incoming call and how do you store the phone number in Outlook? Can you give us an example?

Posted by Chris on 28.03.03 - 04:06:37

The program installs fine and everything, but in the set-up, it doesn't show any pictures for me to choose.  I have tried putting the pictures in alot of places on the phone, even in the C2P pictures folder, and it still shows nothing.

Posted by Leon on 28.03.03 - 04:25:51

Does this work with Toshiba 2032 from sprint because I havent seen it work at all

Posted by Chris on 28.03.03 - 04:41:36

Nice work, great program. I got everything working great, but the only thing, and I mean the only thing that I think you need to improve, is being able to pick your own ringtone from anywhere on your device or memory card, and not being limited to those Windows ones, because we all know that those aren't great at all. 

I like your program, and if you change that, then you will have won this battle for the best first best-working c2p.  Also, I don't know if your product amplifies the ringtone or not, but I did notice that when using your program, it made some of the Windows ringtones crackle when ringing.

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.03.03 - 12:07:03

@Leon: No, it's not designed for the Sprint Toshiba 2032 which is a Wireless Pocket PC but not a Smartphone in terms of Microsoft's definition.

For Pocket PCs, V2R has Caller2Picture for Pocket PC Phone Edition but please not that this will also not work with your Toshiba 2032 because it's not a Phone Edition device but a proprietary implementation of wireless functionalities!

Posted by Buzz Lightyear on 28.03.03 - 22:23:43

I hold my numbers as +44 format - does this make a difference ?

Really hoping to sort this out cause I'm waiting to purchase the first Picture to caller ID software ......


Posted by David on 29.03.03 - 11:19:48

I managed to install and get the programme working fine. However, I am unable to uninstall it! I have tried using both the activesync and remove programme funtionality on the SPV.

Anyone else had this problem?

Also, I don't think there is a need to have a personal ring tone option when this is already a feature in the contacts?

Posted by Bobo on 01.04.03 - 22:44:13

I have downloaded this software but it simply does not work. Any suggestions before I give it up. I have put the phone off/ on after installation but no joy.

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