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PREVIEW: Exclusive Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Screenshots - Part I
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 24.03.04 - 20:01:38 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 12640x
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As announced before, today Microsoft provided a preview to its latest Windows Mobile version, now called Windows Mobile Second Edition and I'm happy to give you - who are not able to attend the MDC in San Francisco - a sneak preview of what you can expect.
Please keep in mind that Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition isn't a complete new OS but also based on Windows CE.Net 4.x; therefore you will not find so many new features except the display improvements you can see here:

Today Screen

Phone Dialer for Phone Edition

Screen Orientation

Font Size

Font Size used for Inbox

The screenshots above were taken from a real device, not from a Developer Kit; however - today it's too early to say which devices will be upgradeable and which won't.
BTW: now we know why we've never seen the Motorola MPx Phone Edition with a working/running screen... ;-)
However, while I've assigned a button to rotate the screen by hand for the screenshots above, Motorola already confirmed me, that the MPx will do the portrait/landscape stuff itself, depending on how you open the screen.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Arne Hess on 24.03.04 - 21:10:07

This is really sweet.  Now it's being a handheld for all types of people... those who want more data... or those who want bigger text.


Posted by Cesar Fong on 24.03.04 - 22:43:14

nice shots Arne.. in what device has been installed this version of wm2003 se???



Posted by pecos on 25.03.04 - 00:45:00

Am so glad someone saw the need to update the looks of the pocket pc platform or the way its presented. 

However ,am disappointed as it still doesn't look like XP . We could have seen nicer tool bars and scroll bars . What about the nice green  start icon ?

pocket facelift does  a better job.

Posted by APA on 25.03.04 - 08:29:23

The screen rotation & the higher resolution is really a urgent upgrade. Developing apps for the fixed tiny screen was a pain smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.03.04 - 09:29:29

@pecos: Well, the icon itself is exactly the same as that of XP...  but it does lack the green background which might have been thought to be too heavy for the eyes with such a small screen... Remember it still supports 240x320...

As a consolation though... I you will see the new MRU display looks like that of the XP's. :-)


Posted by Russ on 25.03.04 - 11:24:56

Arnie, any idea which version of .net compact framework this release has?


Posted by Arne Hess on 25.03.04 - 12:04:28

@Cesar Fong: It a Phone Edition... ;-)

@pecos: I'm not sure if I would like to have a XP kind of styled PPC. It's a PDA, not a Tablet PC, therefore I think the look and feel should be lighter, less graphic oriented and therefore faster.

@APA: Not sure if it makes developing easier! Now you have to keep landscape GUIs in mind as well plus different screen resolutions we will see soon. So I'm sure developing for a fixed layout was much easier at all! But anyway - I'm addicted to landscape!

@Russ: To be honest I have no clue but also no information that anything is changed. Therefore I expect the same .NET CF as we had with WM 2003 before.

Posted by adamz on 25.03.04 - 14:04:28

Any Bluetooth improvements? Can you confirm Voice Tags support?  Are those activatable through a Bluetooth headset?

I don't want an XP interface either.  Never liked those waste-of-space graphics. All my XP machines are changed back to a classic theme as soon as they're installed.

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.03.04 - 14:11:08

The version I have here for testing is an early one which use the same Bluetooth like the previous 2003 edition. Therefore I don't know if there are any improvements or not.

Regarding the XP styles - I like them but not on small displays, which might change with the coming VGA resolution for Pocket PCs... ;-)

Posted by Marc on 25.03.04 - 16:56:08

Hi everyone,

I've posted an overview of WM2003 SE with a section concerning HP's upgrade plans for the iPAQ Pocket PC's at this link.


Posted by Will T Smith on 25.03.04 - 21:30:37

We need some pictures of the soft keyboard in landscape mode.  Has Microsoft provided a "streteched/flattened" keyboard for input in landscape mode????

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.03.04 - 21:57:05

@Will T Smith: You can check out the other screenshots at

Mabuhay!!! ~ Carlo

Posted by SHoTTa35 on 25.03.04 - 22:13:33

Hey Arne, in this SS:

Is that by default or did you set up your start menu that way?

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.03.04 - 23:37:20

That's a good question! No, it's not by default but my personal preference on how to sort the apps on my Pocket PC and Smartphone like I also have it on my PC and Notebook!

So I have these folders in both, the start and the Programs folder.

Posted by stuart on 26.03.04 - 03:06:06

Reminders - more important than more bells and whistles would be Reminders working properly!  What the hell is wrong with MS? I still have a $650.00 5555 which is a useless piece of junk - I miss sooo many appointments!!! HPs support (and I have been speaking to tier 2 support), as well as management - may very well be the worst in the industry.

I cannot believe I may have to move back to a Palm Pilot after all this time!

Any news at all on Reminders? I was told by senior people at HP - that we can expect a fix shortly.  What might that translate to in Microslop time?



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