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PREVIEW: HTC Blue Angel Wireless Features
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 15.08.04 - 16:17:16 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8188x
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Since T-Mobile announced it's MDA III earlier this year, the interest for this new Pocket PC Phone Edition increases day by day. To be clear again - like the MDAs before, also this MDA is manufactured by HTC Taiwan but - and this is important to know - HTC developed two different versions: the GSM version called "Blue Angel" and the CDMA version called "Harrier".
While the Harrier supports CDMA as the only data option (according to the FCC information), the Blue Angel supports GSM/GPRS WAN, Wi-Fi b W-LAN and Bluetooth PAN data connections. I've recently received some exclusive screenshots of all the different access methods:

Pretty clever seems the GPRS/Wi-Fi implementation as you can see on the following screen shot:

As mentioned before the Blue Angel supports GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and finally Wi-Fi:

The Wireless LAN Manager:

Unlike other sites reported before, this time it seems that HTC isn't using the Windows Mobile Bluetooth stacks anymore (which was also used for the HTC Himalaya aka O2 Xda II) but the Widcomm Bluetooth stack:

It seems this device will become a pretty complete one - for sure - thanks to it's GSM/GPRS, W-LAN and Bluetooth support, but also because HTC is working on a clever implementation how wireless connections are used and many of you - I'm sure will appreciate the Widcomm stack support instead of the Windows Mobile Bluetooth stack.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Filip Norrgard on 15.08.04 - 18:27:00

Wow! Thanks for clearing out those names! smile

The bluetooth stack is (more or less) better on this PPCPE when it uses the one from Widcomm! An improvement from the one that Microsoft had which didn't work out too well.
As of reading this article , this has just become another device on my list, and I'm having very hard times trying to decide what to buy as my next PPC device! (And fun doing it!) lol

Posted by on 15.08.04 - 20:21:04

I am interested in battery life of MDA III: in phone only mode (with no Wi-Fi, no GPRS) and talk time... do you kn ow that?

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.08.04 - 20:28:16

[2] I'm sorry - I don't know it because all I've seen so far were Beta ROMs, therefore I can't say anything but there is a "reliable" source which already knows it and announced it with 6 hours (in phone mode only, with all wireless switched off)... lol lol lol

Posted by robcorn on 15.08.04 - 20:52:39

So, Arne, are you going to sell it as well, and if so, what is the anticipated date for ordering?   tongue

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.08.04 - 21:02:39

[4] Yes, I plan to continue with my (small) shop (unlike other, better informed and "reliable" sources (better informed than me) said before). However, I prefer not to announce anything as long as I don't have any confirmed ETAs which is - IMHO - just fair, isn't it? I don't want to announce anything in a longer forerun.
To get the announcement as early as possible I suggest either to subscribe my RSS feed or even better ;-) visiting PPCW.Net frequently but as I said - I don't have an ETA today... :-(

Posted by Filip Norrgård on 15.08.04 - 21:25:25

Do you think it is wise to have your RSS pulled down too often the coming weeks? wink Wasn't it InfoWorld that got so much RSS requrests that it almost looked like an DoS attack?

Btw, any rumored price ranges for this PPC? Is it 800-900 € or more 1000 € ?

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.08.04 - 21:31:04

[6] Hehehe... I'm not saying you guys should have a poll every 10 seconds but every 30 minutes should be fine... So far my Windows server performed well... ;-)
Became it really such a problem for  InfoWorld? 8O
Regarding the price - all I've heard so far are rumors but it seems to become competitive with today's i-Mate Phone Editon...

Posted by on 15.08.04 - 23:57:59

[3] these values are nominal taken from user manual of this phone, I was hoping to hear from you about real-life values! Anyway, lately I have changed my mind and I consinder MDA III aka XDA III to be the best Pocket PC phone - better than HP iPAQ phones and better than Motorola MPx. The 400 MHz fast processor matters!

Posted by Filip Norrgård on 16.08.04 - 07:34:39

[7] Here's the old Slashdot news post ( And here is what one can do ( to put the server bandwidth usage down a bit. wink

If your definition of "competitive" is the same as mine, well, then this looks to be set as a great device! big_smile

Posted by Chris on 16.08.04 - 16:41:40

Hi Arne,

Great news that you will be carrying this device, but I have two questions:

1) Do you know if this is tri or quad band, and what frequencies it will have? (being on the AT&T network I need the 850 band).

2) Do you think that you would be able to use MS Voice Command via a bluetooth headset with this phone?

Thank you very much  big_smile

Posted by Buzayed on 17.08.04 - 11:54:55

Do you think this Device contain 3G technology. Is it better than the

:?: :!:

Posted by Sam on 17.08.04 - 12:38:17

Rumor has it that the CDMA version of the MDA III is EVDO based, which would explain why it doesn't have 802.11.  It doesn't need it!  EVDO provides all the speed one would need for internet downloads.  Can anyone verify that this is true?

Posted by Clay on 24.08.04 - 00:16:05

I, too am wondering if it will be possible to activate MS voice command via a bluetooth headset. This is a deal maker or breaker for me.

Posted by cludwig on 27.08.04 - 16:28:45

[12] re: EVDO, the FCC filing photographs for the CDMA version showed one unit where the radio compartment at the back had a large sticker which read "EVDO".  That's not a guarantee, of course, that it will be released -- but at least we know it's possible.  With both Sprint and Verizon rolling out EVDO in the next year, it would seem a shame not to support it in any new > $500 phone with a similar release timeframe.

Posted by matthew on 02.09.04 - 15:13:19

:roll: big_smile :-( :wink: lol neutral yikes 8) :roll: tongue 8O :? :oops: :cry: :x :twisted: :arrow: :idea: :?: :evil: :!:
its every thing i want

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