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PREVIEW: o2 Germany's Xda III will exclude the camera
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 23.11.04 - 16:33:11 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 13159x
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At the same press conference, where o2 Germany previewed their Xda IIi the first time this week, o2 also confirmed that their version of the HTC Blue Angel - called Xda III - will be launched without camera!
o2 Germany explained this step with the high demand of their corporate and business customers to get a Pocket PC Phone Edition without camera. More and more companies in Germany and worldwide disallow the use of camera enabled devices on their company terrain and therefore o2 Germany decided to go this way with their Xda III.

Also T-Mobile recently announced the release of a camera-less version of their MDA III (basically the same device as the Xda III) for corporate customers but unlike T-Mobile, who is carrying both version with and without camera, o2 Germany will introduce one Xda III only.

The German Xda III will have a German QWERTZ keyboard with support for Umlauts (ÄÖÜ) and also supports the 'sharp' s (ß).
Because this devices wont have a camera, the camera button on the site is assigned to the Windows Media Player and labeled different (with a Windows Media Player symbol).

According to the German product manager, the demand for a Xda III without a camera was much higher than the demand for such a device with camera and the target market for the Xda III and Xda IIi are different: While both devices will include RIM's BlackBerry, the Xda III is targeting corporate and business customers with a higher need for messaging through E-Mail, BlackBerry or SMS. The Xda IIi on the other hand is targeting the lifestyle customer with a stronger focus on multimedia.

A final price wasn't given yet and the release is planned for end of this year.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Gary Merinstein on 24.11.04 - 00:56:19

Ok, then I want a German O2 XDA III: I went to the state courthouse last week and they confiscated my XDA II because of the camera. I offered to swear in court that I wouldn't use the camera functions (which would have allowed them to lock me up if I violated my oath...) but they took my XDA II anyway. I felt naked all day.

Posted by sims on 24.11.04 - 11:39:30

i disagree this decision. Because, by this way, they also have to confiscate mobiles with cameras... and by the other hand, there's a lot a fieldservices and other segments that can be optimized by using photos

Posted by Kenneth on 24.11.04 - 23:12:03

Well I've gotta say: The black XDA version of the HTC Blue Angel rocks!

But does anyone know if this PDA comes with Windows Media Player  10 Mobile? Or are there any of the other Blue Angel models that do? This is very important to me, since it'll make it so easy for me, when I sync my music with my Media Center 2005...

Also, are there anyone else besides O2 that selling the black version?

Posted by Sam on 27.11.04 - 07:40:14

[3] Yeh it will, see the o2 xda site at:

Posted by Kenneth on 27.11.04 - 16:30:47

[4] I'm sorry, but I can find the info on Could you point me to it? Thanks...

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.11.04 - 16:36:31

[3] No, the first release is expected to have WM 9 player as all the other available Blue Angels. :-(
However, an update is expected! :-)
[4] Keep in mind that this article is about the German Xda III, not about the UK/Asian Xda IIs.
[5] See comment above.

Posted by Egon on 07.12.04 - 05:25:11

Hi all. Is someone going to post the EXACT release-date of the german XDAIII when it is known?
I mean, im sitting here near Paderborn only 30mins from the next o2-shop away waiting for the 1st day when its coming out.
I WANT THIS XDAIII, and i will buy it me for X-Mas  8)
If anybody from US wants this mobile phone, too, because you guys dont get it in your country, just mail me, and we handle some way out of transferring the money, and sending the xda3 over out.
The only price i heard was 999EURO as starting price, but i believe i will get mine cheaper because im going to run a contract with o2 for the next 2 years smile

Since the XDA2 here@o2-germany still costs 299,95 EUR, i dont have much hope for a cheap xdaiii...even by a contract...
..omg; why must nice and usefull technics always cost so much money :-(

Many greetings and in best regards,

Posted by Chief Viz on 13.12.04 - 14:07:03

Can someone help explain  the DIFFERENCE between the newly launched XDA IIs (is Asia , and the forthcoming XDA III, due early 2005 (so I was told). Thanks.

Posted by MavericK on 16.12.04 - 10:33:31

[8] XDA IIs is silver(ish) WITH a camera, XDA III is black with NO camera. Other that that, there are the same device. By the way, if anyone can get me an "un-locked" O2 XDA IIs contact me please. I live in Canada, and I hear that European GSM phones are NOT LOCKED. Please contact me! Thanks "eh" :-)

Posted by MavericK on 16.12.04 - 10:43:13

[9] I forgot to mention that I want the "version" of the O2 XDA IIs WITH the CAMERA option. In the US, the Siemans SX66 is the same phone with NO camera, and alot of people are upset with this. So I guess a Eurpean model (IIs) with the camera, and "unlocked" would be the way to go. So now where to get one! Thanks again! :-)

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.12.04 - 21:17:58

[9] Nope, sorry but both - the UK Xda IIs and the German O2 Xda III are basically the same device (except the camera) but both devices have the same color: black! O2 chose black for the Xda III/IIs - not silver as before for the Xda II or the new Xda IIi.

Posted by on 16.12.04 - 21:57:32

[11] Yes Arne, you're absolutely right about the color! My mistake. Got confused with one of it's many siblings! LOL By the way, I found a place in which to purchase the same phone, the i-mate PDA2K, from eXpansys. These phones come unlocked, and I was wondering, have you or anyone else had dealings with this company? Are they reputable? Thanks ~ Rick.

Posted by Horst on 22.12.04 - 12:05:07

There is a rumour being spread in a huge German board for mobility that the XDA III and XDA IIi will be released in Germany tomorrow, 23 Dec 2004...

If you can read German, take a look here:

Posted by A.LAM on 01.02.05 - 15:56:38


Posted by Miguel on 22.02.05 - 07:31:31

How much does the XDAIIi cost in U.S. Dollars?

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