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PREVIEW: Picture quality of the embedded HTC Himalaya Phone Edition camera
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 11.09.03 - 11:55:01 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8858x
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I just received this set of exclusive photos taken with the HTC Himalaya (better knows as O2 xda II/T-Mobile MDA II) Pocket PC Phone Edition.

The photos below was taken with the built-in camera which supports VGA with 640 x 480 pixel (click the photos to get the original photos).
The photos was taken indoor without a flash but the quality isn't that bad at all:

As I've learned one button on the left side of the device is used to launch the camera application (from IA Style) and pressing the same button again snaps the photo. So snapping a photo is two clicks away only. :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by JoshB on 13.09.03 - 01:23:48

Very nice. I'm impressed by the quality of these photos, and I'm glad that the camera will be easy to use with the button.

Thanks Arne!


Posted by Graffiti on 13.09.03 - 12:27:36

Great stuff Arne! Makes us all in Asia just wanna wait outside of O2 offices' doorsteps ... ;-)

Posted by Yoonoo on 13.09.03 - 23:30:13

I'm really excited about the new XDA, unfortunately I think that the picture quality is not all that great. Compared to pictures taken from a Nokia 3650 these look terrible sad

Posted by microChasmTM on 30.09.03 - 09:17:22

You're kidding right? The photo capability of the Nokia sucks compared to this photo quality. Plus the Nokia isn't capable of MPEG4 video either.

Posted by Tommy Watt on 01.10.03 - 00:34:10

I've seen way better photos from the 3650, look harder for samples.  And I beleive the 3650 can do MPEG4 too, if not a plug in should make it possible.

Posted by steve on 01.10.03 - 13:55:02

The photos taken were of a bad choice, i believe that if photos taken of people or outside would have presented a better demonstration.

Posted by Stephen Liu on 03.10.03 - 04:51:42

No doubt this is the best product in the market, I cant think of anything that we would like to have is missing, desperate to lay hand on the new one, if you can improve your service centre in HKG, never been treated so badly, that would make the whole package perfect

Posted by Tommy Watt on 07.10.03 - 19:44:52

Don't get me wrong, I think this looks pretty cool, and I can forgive the camera taking grainy pictures.  But an estimateed $850 street price??  This is crazy!!  Mind boggling, crack smoking, looney bin CRAZY!  I can get a Noke 3650 for $49.95 through AT&T.  And Dell is going to release a new Axim with Bluetooth very soon.  I could probably get the Dell and the Nokia for UNDER $400 and have a better camera to boot!  I hope this device price comes down and some greedy executives lay off the drugs.

Posted by Tommy Watt on 07.10.03 - 19:51:05


I forgot to mention that Sprint offers a simular device already, and it's well under $850!  How is $850 nearly competitive?? I can understand why I read someone post elsewhere that they thought it was a typo.

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.10.03 - 20:21:27

@Tommy Watt: Stop, stop, stop...

First of all if we are talking about prices here it's not a subsidized price for the O2 xda II or do you believe that the Nokia 2650 really costs 49,95 only? No, it's subsidized by your carrier. AT&T themselves pay more for it but gives it to you for less because the rest they are taking from your monthly fee and higher minutes charges...

Second: What do you think makes a HP iPAQ 5500 worth of $649.87 from Amazon but an xda II with more sophisticated and expensive wireless technology not worth the money? And in addition it includes a cam...

Posted by Tommy Watt on 08.10.03 - 02:32:36

iPAQ's are overpriced.  HP needs to get off the high horse.  I sold mine the second I saw the Axim X5 from Dell for $300.  The Axim is WAY better, mostly because of the battery life almost 5-10 times longer.

The point is.  There is already competition.  Sprint has the Hitachi G1000, which although may only have PPC2002, really looks like a much better device then even this new XDA II.  Also, Samsung has a device that looks as good as if not better then the XDA II, also simularly priced to that of the Hitachi.  And as far as I can tell, this new XDA II has the worst camera of the three.  Why on earth would someone want to pay $200 more for it?

I understand what you mean by getting it with a plan.  I wouldn't buy it any other way right now, as I imagine most will be in this category as this is a new market.  So when $850 was said, I assumed that meant with a plan.  Honestly I hope this device is in the $500-$600 USD range, with perhaps a Christmas special bringing it to $300-$400.  It may be high tech, but it needs to compete.  Just because it's now as fast as my X5 instead of behind like it used to be, and it has a camera simular to my web camera that wouldnt sell for $10 at a garage sale, it really needs to be priced competitively.

Sorry if I sound harsh.  I really would like to get my hands on one of these... I really though it would be the cost effective one, not the most expensive.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 19.10.03 - 14:41:43

Guys, no offense, my friend owns a good Nokia 3650. Come on guys, I dont think you should call it camera. guys, not only its camera is very poor, but also it gives floo images. I dont own the XDA II (yet smile) but from what is shown in the pictures above, it's quiet impressive to have an all-in-one device which such nice quality.

Thanks, Arne, if only time can fly till next saturday morning so that I can hold my new XDA II.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 19.10.03 - 15:09:46

@Tommy Watt, I hearf that Samsung has a very serious memory leak problem. You have to reset the device every few days. I mean I know that we might all do it at some point. but with samsung it's a disaster. As for LG, I heard it has quiet some problems as well, I remmeber the Network signal strenght icon disappearing from the top bar.

It's never about price. Look around you, If you had enough money you'd rather buy a toyota then hunday (no offense). XDA has far prooven its strengh in such all-in-one device. Guess what, I never owned a Qteck. I owned once a Compaq iPaq (which was stolen from me sad) and I am buying a new Qteck 2 in few days, though I dont have enough money to buy a ticket to fly home. It's because I need to save the headache and try some market prooven devices. With these additinal features: camera, bluetooth, and mostly SDIO support, I belive the XDA II is the way to go.

Posted by Lee Vermont on 20.10.03 - 01:00:15

The XDA II will have to do until the MDA / XDA III smile With a higher megapixel camera perhaps and sliding keypad maybe hehehe smile I've had nothing but good words to say about the MDA I and the additions for the MDA II will have me singing praises I'm sure.

Posted by Lee Vermont on 20.10.03 - 01:02:57

Oh, one other neat feature would be an integrated GPS.

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