the::unwired - PREVIEW: SmartphoneNotes Beta for Windows Powered Smartphones
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PREVIEW: SmartphoneNotes Beta for Windows Powered Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 15.04.03 - 15:21:32 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 7750x
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We all know that Microsoft left Outlook Notes out of the Smartphone Pocket Outlook, which is a shame... :-(

However, thanks to great 3rd party developers, this gap might be closed soon with SmartphoneNotes.

What is SmartphoneNotes? Basically it's an test editor for your Windows Powered Smartphone 2002 which synchronize with your desktop Outlook as well. So you get all desktop Notes synced to your Smartphone where you can watch them, edit them and even create new Notes to be synced back to the desktop.

Opening SmartphoneNotes:

SmartphoneNotes allows you to create new, rename existing or delete Notes from your Smartphone. You can also define, where your Notes should be stored - on the device or the SD card.

Creating a new Note:

Basically it works like a text editor but if you open a Note, doesn't matter if you created it on your Smartphone or synced it from your PC, it also parse phone numbers, E-Mail addresses and URLs, something which is pretty handy:

This lets you dial a contact, write an E-Mail or opening a web page out of the application! :-) That's a great feature!

Synchronize with your Desktop PC:

Synchronization will done via the standard ActiveSync client as SmartphoneNotes plug-in into Active Sync.

So you get synchronized your Notes automatically if you connect your Smartphone with your PC.

The downside is again the certification:

The ActiveSync provider requires signing with a privileged certificate. Unless the provider dll is signed with a privileged certificate trusted by a certificate installed on the phone, the provider won't work. The certificate can be your own developer certificate or Orange's certificate

Argh... 8O Again we run run into this limitation with the certifications. If it wouldn't be so sad, it could become a running gag.

A release date wasn't given so far by the developer who also asked me not to write his name here since he want to concentrate to finalize it right now. But as he told me it comes pretty close to a release version now!

SmartphoneNotes is definitely something I'm waiting for since I have so many Notes on my PC that it is driving me nuts not to have them with me if I take my Smartphone only and leave my Pocket PC at home! It's a real great work so, can await the final version!

Cheers ~ Arne