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PROJECT: Recharge your mobile phone battery by spinning the device around [April Fool]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 01.04.05 - 08:15:19 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13159x
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Well, that's an interesting project I got notice about. Battery stand-by time of mobile devices, from mobile phones to PDAs to Notebooks is always critical but not less critical is to get an empty battery recharged. However, there might be a solution we haven't thought about yet.
Most modern mobile phones have a small electric motor which is used for the for the vibration notification. However, as we have learned in the physic class in school, an electric motor is just a reversed dynamo.

So the basic idea of this project called "spinLoad" is to use the electric motor of your phone as a dynamo to get the mobile phone battery recharged.
spinLoad is currently in an early stage of development and driven by the European CERN which is the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the world's largest particle physics laboratory not to mention it's the place where the World Wide Web was born!
I met the project leader - Wolfgang Thaler - at CeBIT last month and he told me the first time about CERN's investigations and developments because Wolfgang is using Windows Mobile Smartphones for the project. According to him - Windows Mobile powered Smartphones offers the best and most flexible platform. Also he mentioned, that the HTC electric motors like used with the HTC Typhoon (Orange C500, i-mate SP3 and 3i) are the most promising since they deliver the best results in terms of recharging the battery.

As explained above, the idea is to get the battery recharged by spinning the mobile phone and therefore spinning the electro motor. Because the electro motor acts as a kind of dynamo, the battery becomes recharged. Amazing simple but amazing successful!

As said, Wolfgang is using Windows Mobile and he and his team developed a small application to display how much the battery is drained at the moment and is/was recharged if you spin the device:

Before you can use the application, spinLoad needs to calibrate your electro motor the first time.

After, spinLoader records how much your spinning recharged the battery. In the test mode it requires spinning the device for 10 seconds, start/stop is indicated with two notification tones. After the 10 seconds test, you get the result:

If you want to completely recharge your battery, you can also spin the device longer by starting/stopping the recharge mode manually:

And if this isn't enough, I also got confirmed that CERN is partnering with Toshiba here who recently announced the "one minute rechargeable Li-Ion battery":

"Toshiba Corporation announced a breakthrough in lithium-ion batteries that makes long recharge times a thing of the past. The company's new battery can recharge 80% of a battery's energy capacity in only one minute, approximately 60 times faster than the typical lithium-ion batteries in wide use today, and combines this fast recharge time with performance-boosting improvements in energy density."

So imagine your next Smartphone would be equipped with Toshiba's latest one minute rechargeable Li-Ion battery and you can recharge it within minutes, just by spinning the device the right way - how amazing 8O

In case you want to try it yourself with your current Smartphone, I'm proud to offer you exclusively Wolfgang's spinLoad application for Windows Mobile Smartphones he allowed me to publish here since he is interested in getting your feedback how it is working for you.

  • Download spinLoad from PPCW.Net
  • Copy it to your Smartphone (if you access this article from your Smartphone just download the .EXE)
  • Run it from the File Manager on your Windows Mobile Smartphone
  • Follow the short instructions

It might takes a little bit to get the right spin but if you try it out a little bit, you will get the right spin soon too. I found the perfect spin during my lunch break.
Please make sure to hold your device in your hand, not that you lose it while you spin it (I found out it works best if you spin your hand counterclockwise briefly). Also I found out that it works better on candybar phones then on clam-shell devices because an opened clam-shell is inconvenient to spin.

Thanks to Wolfgang for sharing all the information with us as well as allowing me to give spinLoad away as a free download for non-commercial testing. I'm really excited to follow the developments and according to him, we can expect the first commercial version within the next 365 days, in best case in combination with Toshiba's new battery technolofgy.

Please let him and me know how and if it is working for you too and tell us which phone you are using and how you spin it/which spin works best for you.

Cheers ~ Arne

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