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PUBLIC BETA: Spb released GPRS Monitor 2.0 Beta 5 - add your feedback!
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 01.03.03 - 12:03:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6329x
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If you are a serious user of GPRS on your Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition, you might already use a GPRS data tracker too, which makes today - because of the GPRS costs - pretty much sense!
Maybe the best today available GPRS monitors is Spb's GPRS Monitor. However, there is always room for improvements and the folks at Spb improved a great application to make it even better!

Now, GPRS Monitor 2.0 is available as public Beta 5 for download.

The most important improvements and feature changes are:

  • Daily and monthly limit warning notifications
  • Auto-changing profiles
  • Skinable pop-up window
  • Localized user interface
  • Interface improvements
  • Improved tariff options
  • Customizable taskbar icon
  • More options in the Today plug-in
  • Better backlight support
  • Advanced battery time prediction

Taskbar IconTaskbar Icon

Pop-up windowTraffic chart

The overall feature list now looks like:

  • Taskbar icon that shows GPRS connection speed, and other
  • Pop-up window that shows all GPRS information
  • Warning notifications on daily/monthly traffic limits
  • Detailed connection usage and cost charts
  • Detailed text report of your connection usage and cost
  • Export to CSV for use with Microsoft Excel and Access
  • 200+ pre-defined service plans
  • Today plug-in that shows GPRS speed and other
  • Skinnable interface

Spb also asks for your feedback! Since it is still a Beta, it might still include some bugs - even if it is version 5 and Vassili from Spb asked you to report all the bugs you found on the comments section bellow:

"Could you make a thread and to ask them to write feedback just as reply to this thread - we will carefully read it"

So this is your chance to give them all the feedback you can give to help them to improve GPRS Monitor for your requirements! Don't miss that chance! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by smittyofdhs on 05.03.03 - 00:00:00

features to add/fix:

(add) ability to show any combo of stats on today screen, like both day total/price AND month total/price.

(fix) ability to have additioanl items appear in one line on toay screen. EXAMPLE: I currently have on the today screen the monthly total/price and the connection status icon showing. They do not appear on the same line, the stats are on one, the icon right below it. THey should be able to take up only one space on the today screen, not a double (unless needed).

Posted by smittyofdhs on 05.03.03 - 00:00:00

another fix...

Make the taskbar icon work so that it moves in conjunction with the contents of the notification area. There's nothing worse then the title of the application and right in the middle is the SPB icon. IMHO, this has been the one detraction of this product. Yes, it's minor and cosmetic, but those points count too, otherwise SPB wouldn't be giving the ability to do skinning in the newest version (skins = cosmetics).

All-locations GPRS monitor is a good example of what I'm taking about. Their icon moves in conjunction to the contents of the notification tray. By doing this, your app's icon will stay on top of the taskbar and at the same time appear to be operating as part of the OS, not just some icon slapped on top of everything else. They use a proprietary way of doing this but if they can do it, so can SPB. At this point, I hate the way it looks, I'm forced to turn it off and just use the today screen for stats which by default isn't as good.

Posted by smittyofdhs on 05.03.03 - 00:00:00

two last requests....

(add) an option for static icon in taskbar. Something without all the data that is offered.

(add) import features. Ability to import missing data due to hard reset or use of other monitor app.

Posted by marc on 25.02.04 - 07:42:22

how can i upgread my smart amazing phone? the version of my phone is 1.7.

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