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PUSH-MAIL: T-Mobile Germany released BlackBerry support for MDA II
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 12.12.04 - 18:25:20 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8729x
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T-Mobile already announced earlier, with its MDA III Pocket PC Phone Edition introduction, to support Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry client for MDAs as well; now the first Pocket PC Phone Edition client is available - but not for the MDA III but for the older MDA II.

The BlackBerry client software, which can be downloaded from T-Mobile's Business support page, supports E-Mail push and calendar synchronization and contains:

  • An required ROM update
  • The BlackBerry client software for the MDA II
  • Desktop client with support for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes

The MDA III update is expected to be released soon. Also O2 recently announced to support BlackBerry with their Xda III/IIs and Xda IIi.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by MadMatt on 13.12.04 - 08:43:29

Its good to see t-Mobile is moving forward on there promiss to bring Blackberry email push to the MDA. I do find it very unfortunate that it is not jet available for the MDA III. I tried to download the Client and install it on my MDA III but it complains about incorrect system libraries :cry: I hope t-Mobile provides the service for the MDA III before Christmas.

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.12.04 - 10:08:36

[1] Support for MDA III is "coming soon" but I wouldn't expect it before Christmas anyhow.

Posted by Christopher Spera on 13.12.04 - 17:12:08

[1] If you have to have Push e-mail now, you can install Smartnet Duality.  You can download it via their website at (I think), or via Handango.

I've got it working on my PDA2k with Cingular, and it works just find.  They offer the software for $5US, plus a monthly subscription fee, OR, you can purchase it for $459.95US, with a 1 year subscription.

Posted by MadMatt on 13.12.04 - 17:43:24


Hello Christopher,

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunatly ba carrier is T-Mobile in Germany. If I click though the Smartnet site to download Duality I get the following message:

"Windows Mobile and Sony Ericsson Clients are not available through your operator at this stage. Please follow this link to Handango to purchase your Smartner Duality for these devices. "

When I follow the link to Handogo the only version availabble is the Professional version which does not help me any. I dont "own" my own exchange server.

Looks like I'll have to exercise patients and wait for t-Mobile to get thee heads out of there...  :oops:


Posted by John X on 14.12.04 - 03:52:31

what does this (blackberry client) do for you if you already use a exchange server to sync with?

Posted by Brent on 17.12.04 - 14:35:14

[1] I wish they'd also release this for the iPAQ 6315.  I am tired of carrying two devices (Blackberry and PPCPhone).  Anyone know if/when this will be released for the HP?

Posted by Johan73 on 09.11.05 - 11:27:46

I have O2 Mini. Do you know if it supports the Blackberry client application? Where can I get the client software from?
The O2 website only mentioned about XDAII/IIs/IIi. But it also doesn't mentioned on how to get the client application software.

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