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RAFFLE: Win one of two coupons - worth US$ 30!
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 05.05.04 - 13:23:06 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7582x
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<BEEP> from <BEEP> just told me they are ready to release <BEEP x.y> next week and we created the idea to have a raffle on PPCW.Net.
<BEEP> is sponsoring two coupons, worth of US$ 30 each, if you can guess from whom and which (new) program the following screenshot is from. Best of all - all participants can win, doesn't matter if you think you know it or if you are just guessing!

1. If you definitely know it, please just answer "Yes" but do not say what it is to give ability for others to guess and to win too (for example if you participated into the non-public Beta test).

2. If you do not have it yet, try to guess what it could be.

In addition <BEEP> and I would like to hear from you which other File Explore functionalities you miss - if you miss any. Maybe you are 100 % satisfied (if so please also tell us). It's always a long discussion about what's missing and what's too much so rise up your voice and share your thoughts with us!

From each category (the "1. Yes - I know it" and from the "2. I guess I know it"), one winner will be drawn on Friday who will get a US$ 30 certificate for! All you have to do is posing your Name, E-Mail address (to contact you and as always this E-Mail address isn't visible to others) and your guess to the comments below!

The winners and the program we are looking for will be announced on Friday this week! Good luck and have fun like we had before when we was guessing the mysterious new Smartphone! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Arne Hess on 05.05.04 - 14:10:30

Come on guys, don't be so shy... ;-) Okay, I give you a hint... It's NOT Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition NOR it is Windows CE 5.0 but another utility for your current Pocket PC you will enjoy too. :-D Nobody? :?

Posted by Holger on 05.05.04 - 14:21:17

a new version of PocketZip or Resco Explorer?

Posted by Holger on 05.05.04 - 14:30:57

a version of pocketmind's &quot;Quick UnZIP&quot; now for compressing files to zip archieves?

perhaps &quot;Quick Zip&quot; :-)

Posted by RAB on 05.05.04 - 18:13:17

Plan Maker From Softmaker Office

Posted by Thomas on 05.05.04 - 19:44:38

Yes - I know it

Posted by Heinz on 06.05.04 - 09:16:52

Looks like an explorer extension or some tricky fake from Arne wink.

So I guess a new Quick Zip from PocketMind ? (see Holger)

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.05.04 - 16:04:49

The top picture (not the screenshot) contains contains a hint wink

Posted by Filip Norrgård on 06.05.04 - 21:53:55

SPB Plus from SPB Software House (?)

It looks like them anyways... wink

Posted by Heinz on 07.05.04 - 10:22:47

Ahh man the top picture was the right hint.

Now I change my mind form Quick Zip to

- SPB Plus from SPB Software House.

(Sorry, I just cleaned my glases wink )

Posted by Holger on 07.05.04 - 11:39:35

ok. the hint is it!



flip it and apply a rotation filter on for example Photoshop.

Therefore, it's the new version of SPB Plus.

Posted by Filip Norrgård on 07.05.04 - 19:01:53

What?? Is it SPB? :?

I just made an educated guess from the screenshot, the article icon said nothing to me... well, before Holger showed me to the right direction... big_smile

Posted by Holger on 08.05.04 - 00:29:17

...and now?

Who won? (now it's already saturday)......


Posted by Arne Hess on 09.05.04 - 18:43:35

And the winners are:

Filip and Holger! :-) Congrats guys and please check your E-Mail accounts for further details! :-)

Unfortunately - for any reason - the for Friday expected press release isn't released so far and therefore I'm not going to tell you (today) which application it is ;-) but well, seems you know it anyway... :-D

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.05.04 - 18:46:44

And yes, you guys were right! It's Spb Pocket Plus with lot of new features and enhancements! See the complete announcement here:

Posted by Jon Payne on 19.05.04 - 21:43:54

They seem to have borrowed liberally from the logo and screensavers of KDE, of Linux fame. . .

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