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RANT: And I thought it is called "Iraqi Freedom" not "Iraqi Business"
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 27.03.03 - 16:48:58 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 5806x
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While the war in the Iraq is still in progress and allies soldiers and civilians are still in danger and risk their health, members of the US Congress already think about the time after the war and which cell phone system should be used in the Iraq.

Under the headline: "Congressional Lawmakers Balk At Plan To Deploy French/German Cell Phone Technology In Post-War Iraq" they published the following letter:

Dear Ambassador Chamberlain:

We understand that the United States Armed Forces and the U.S. Reconstruction and Civil Affairs Office are planning to deploy a cell phone system in Iraq that will be used by these and other organizations to meet immediate post-conflict mobile communications requirements. We presume that this system would be operated by the United States for a period of time and then privatized. We understand that decisions about the rollout of this system are being made in real time.

We have learned that planners at the Department of Defense and USAID are currently envisioning using Federal appropriations to deploy a European-based wireless technology known as GSM (Groupe Speciale Mobile) for this new Iraqi cell phone system.

If European GSM technology is deployed in Iraq, much of the equipment used to build the cell phone system would be manufactured in France, Germany, and elsewhere in western and northern Europe. Furthermore, royalties paid on the technology would flow to French and European sources, not U.S. patent holders.

U.S. developed CDMA (code-division multiple access) cell phone technology is widely recognized as technically superior to European GSM technology and is deployed in 50 nations worldwide. In addition, we understand that CDMA cell phones include an integrated global positioning system (GPS) feature that allows the precision location of callers in times of emergency. European GSM cell phones do not have integrated GPS. If U.S. relief workers in Iraq are equipped with CDMA cell phones with GPS, they will be immediately locatable in case of terrorist attack or kidnapping. Finally, because U.S. CDMA systems are compliant with the U.S. Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, this system provides all necessary access for law enforcement in post-conflict Iraq.

Finally, we understand that there are already quickly deployable U.S. commercial proposals to commence immediately with the installation of U.S. CDMA technology in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of American jobs depend on the success of U.S.-developed wireless technologies like CDMA. If the U.S. government deploys U.S- developed CDMA in Iraq, then American companies will manufacture most of the necessary equipment here in the United States and benefit from the associated royalties.

We urge you to use American developed CDMA cell phone technology. Thank you for your consideration on this important matter.

First of all the headline really hurts me! Yes, the GSM standard was developed by French and German Telecom in early 80's but it's not "Groupe Speciale Mobile" anymore but Global System for Mobile Communication" which includes US companies like Motorola as well!

Second it hurts me to read this hate against Germany and French and doesn't makes sense for me. We are still friends - I thought - with different opinions but friends and NATO partners. I wonder how Mr. Darrell Issa, who wrote this paper, acts with his wife if they have different opinions?

Third I thought this war isn't about businees,  money and oil but to free Iraq from its government?

Fourth I would like to tell Mr. Issa that "no one" else in the world - outside the US (and yes, there is something more then the US only) uses your CDMA network! There is a good reason for GSM, it's its world wide availability and which sense can it makes to implement a wireless network in this area of the world where all neighbors use GSM?

I don't want to move into a political discussion here but it frustrates me, hurts me and shocks me to read this kind of letter from a member of the US Congress!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by VV on 28.03.03 - 09:58:59

“Third I thought this war isn't about businees,  money and oil but to free Iraq from its government? ”

Whoever believes that, from the beggining, is VERY NAIVE!!

this is the first letter, and more will follow for constructions and many more

all the wars is about power and resources

and this one is one more of them

Posted by eole on 28.03.03 - 08:58:04

It's stupid and low level IQ. A US company will deploy GSM technology in Afghanistan . Pure anti Europe politic.

Posted by SPAM on 27.03.03 - 17:06:52

This SUCKS!!! neutral

Posted by Steven Perry on 27.03.03 - 17:17:52

I agree with Arne.  The use of CDMA technology in a region that only uses GSM is not practical.  Also, using CDMA just to give the royalties to US businesses is not a sufficient enough reason to deploy that technology.

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.03.03 - 17:54:48

There is a reason why CDMA and TDMA never made it in the Philippines.  Countries around SE Asia were all using GSM and majority of digital users in the Philippines were already using GSM.  The introduction of CDMA and TDMA just didn't fly. People wanted interoperability... something GSM offers.

Are they thinking of helping others or just themselves?

My 2 Cents


Posted by Arne Hess on 28.03.03 - 12:10:11

@VV: It's not really “very naive” but I repeated only what the US officials told the world the past weeks. :roll: What I feel is something different but as I said, I don't want to turn into a political discussion here. :evil:

Ah, just an addition... The German news just reported, that tonight the Telecommunication environment was bombed and destroyed...

“Good”, step one was done now - destroy before you can rebuild the infrastracture... ;-) :cry:

Posted by HTK on 29.03.03 - 13:43:22

“We have the proof Iraq is producing weapons of mass destructions”

Blix and El Baradei then proof they are wrong, noone talks about that anymore

Please, Iraq freedom? who believes that? Mr Bush? Our texan ex-ceo from petrolific companys?

This is just 1% from my thoughts...

Posted by Saud on 29.03.03 - 20:56:25

“Third I thought this war isn't about businees,  money and oil but to free Iraq from its government? ”

Im much closer to the war than you are, I daily see news live directly from Iraq... its devastating to see how Iraqi civilians (including children)are dieing so easily and no one says anything... no one care...

this is not liberation.. this is an Invasion ... they are dropping 3000KG Bombs... mobilizing military units all over the country...

If your country had a tyrant leader, would you accept another country to just bomb the hell out of your cities, killing people you know and care about... ?

about this article... did you think that this topic just came up like that? .. no.. this is just one proposal of dozen business plans being proposed and studied... sorry but reality is, US wont spend trillions on a war just to liberate a country..their foriegn policy completely conradicts that notion...its completely based on interests..and resources (starting with oil) tops the list..

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.03.03 - 23:29:59

@Saud: I see what you mean but please stay on topic about implementing a CDMA network in Iraq and well, my country - Germany - had a dictator 60 years ago and my country was also bombed (complete cities was destroyed and 10000s+ of civilians was killed) but thanks to the western allies incl. the US and UK we was also was freed from this dictator! So don't tell me about freeing a country - my country was liberated by them but sure, it was a diffetnet time also!

And well, the whole world is taking care about what's up in the Iraq.

But anyway - I will close this thread now since I don't want to move this discussion to into a wrong direction.

Soon the Forum will be reopened and there I will have an off topic section where we can talk about this but for this story it's enough now.

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