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RANT: We want back our "Close" button - does we?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 27.04.03 - 16:47:30 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 10678x
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One of the never ending topics in the Pocket PC world is - I think - the discussion of close button vs. minimize functionality. As we have in the Windows based PC world the button, which terminates a running program, in the Pocket PC world, we have a similar button - - which does the opposite, it minimize the current program only but it's still open and running in the background.

As you might know - I'm a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and therefore the Mobile Device MVPs are invited one to two times a year to Redmond to discuss the latest developments with the Microsoft Product Managers and since I was there the first time in 2000, the "give us back our close button" discussion is one of the most emotional discussed topics. On one side Microsoft - who says "we changed the function for good reasons"; on the other side the MVPs - who says "but we want it back as this implementation doesn't makes any sense".

Well, yes - using an X to indicate to minimize a program wasn't the best decision but I have to admit that - if the close button would terminate apps today - I would come into trouble!

Hell, Microsoft - what did you do with me!? You have reeducated me but on a way I wasn't aware off! ;-)

The great folks of Spb Software House released Pocket Plus a while back, a great tool which adds functionalities the plain Pocket PC missed today. One of the most advertised features of Pocket Plus (there are other/similar apps to Pocket Plus as well - I just highlight it here because it's one of my top utilities I install on every Pocket PC first) is that it gives us back the close functionality and replace minimize with terminating applications if you tap the X button.

First of all, when it was released I though myself a kind of "for God sake - finally". However, I realized pretty soon, that I'm used to use my Pocket PC different than I thought. Today, after more then 3 years of using a Pocket PC, tapping the X means for me minimize the app, not anymore close it! 8o I realized it, when I was tapping the X in MSN Messenger and wondered, why I was signed out all the time. Damn, they did it; they
reeducated me... ;-)

So what I did was changing the Pocket Plus X button functionality back to minimize instead of terminate. Oh man... What an experience that you don't want back what you was fighting for for the past three years. :P

Anyway - what Spb included into the latest versions of Pocket Plus is the best trade-off, now you can define which applications should be minimized and which apps should be terminated:

That's the cleverest way to handle minimize and terminate. So I swear - I will never force Microsoft to give us back our close button but I swear now that I will force them to give us the minimize AND the close button - - like we used to use it on Desktop PCs...
;-) :D

Cheers ~ Arne