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REGULATORY: HTC's Himalaya Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 gets FCC approval
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 09.10.03 - 19:48:07 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10936x
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Finally the HTC Himalaya PPCPE 2003 better known as O2 xda II or T-Mobile MDA II received the FCC approval. This is required to sell an electronic device in the US and furthermore it's an important step to get i released there.
Devices without approval can not be sold nor imported into the US.

Now I wonder which US carrier will pick it up first - might be T-Mobile since they will launch it in Europe as well, might be another one but for sure it have to be a GSM carrier like T-Mobile or Cingular since the Himalya is a GSM device, not a CDMA device at all (today).

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by JoshB on 09.10.03 - 23:14:16

Wow. The photos at the FCC site show a couple of things that I haven't seen before, including the guts of the device (taken apart), and (drumroll, please)...

Photos of the "backpack" and VGA cable!

The backpack appears to replace the stock battery cover, and has a slot (assuming CF) facing the bottom of the unit.

The VGA cable appears to have a composite/RCA video out, as well as a standard VGA connector. It's not clear in the photo what the other end of the cable connects to - the sync port of the XDA, or a special port on the backpack accessory.

Best news of all is that this device is really headed for the US. The FCC documents show two variants - the PH10A and the PH10B. The PH10A appears to be the T-Mobile MDA II, with the black accents on the front, while the PH10B appears to be the O2 version, all silver. That means that more than one carrier will likely carry the device in the U.S. (probably T-Mobile and AT&T, just like now).

I can't wait until this is available! :-)


Posted by haim on 10.10.03 - 18:35:38

wore are the screen shot of the fcc you see?

i dont found.

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.10.03 - 18:39:34

Follow the [More Information] link and open the "External Photos pdf".

Posted by Bret on 10.10.03 - 19:45:06

This is great!  I have been waiting a long time to upgrade to something other than a PPC and cell.  Finally something with enough power to make the transistion.  I didn't want to have to convert to T-mobile or ATT, but if that's what it takes.

Posted by QueRiquita on 14.12.03 - 06:49:44

How long do people think it will take to reach the US?

Posted by L. Hale on 14.01.05 - 22:33:28

I just got the SPV M1000.  Very cool!  Lots of new features and fun found in the base unit.  Living in west africa and had my laptop stolen from me on the road north in December 2004.  I was looking for a pocket PC to keep on the road while I left my new replacement laptop safely at home.  Excel, power point, word, and lots of expandable memory too!  If lost, about half the price of my larger laptop.

Posted by Bernard Daniel on 15.02.05 - 06:52:31

i am looking for the pin layout for the imate ph10b to make up a download cable

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