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REJECTED: Is O2 UK not carrying the HTC Hermes aka O2 Germany's Xda trion?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 04.06.06 - 17:37:43 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13001x
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Two weeks ago, O2 Germany has announced the release of the HTC Hermes as O2 Xda trion (O2 Germany's first UMTS Pocket PC, since the German operator skipped the HTC Universal aka O2 Xda Exec) but so far it was silent what O2 UK is planning in regards to this device.
But now it looks like UK is skipping a device and it seems that we got the (bad but official) confirmation, that O2 UK isn't taking the HTC Hermes at all; at least that's the feedback, "Oliver" got from the O2 UK Customer Technical Support:

Unfortunately the device will not be sold within the UK, this will be sold within Germany and possibly other parts of Europe although will not be in the UK device.

Ouch, if this turns out to be true, it would be - indeed - bad news for O2 UK's customers. Hopefully the technical support isn't too good informed about what the product management is going to release.

Thanks to Oliver for the update and please keep us posted!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Oliver Berliner on 04.06.06 - 17:53:15

Thanks Arne

I'll let you know! I've also fired off an email to T-Mobile about their "MDA Vario II" for a release date, as I'll be going with whichever operator brings it out first!

I'm also writing to o2 (physical letter) to see if I can get an answer that way, as it seems you get different answers at every turn! People in the shop haven't heard of it, people on the phone say 6 months and emails say it isn't being released at all! GRR!

Posted by Jay on 05.06.06 - 14:40:23

Hi all, just out of curiosty, has anyone noticed that the UK T-Mobile website does NOT list the MDA Vario anymore..!! Is it because the MDA Vario II is due soon.. it does not mention the Vario II on the site either, but I hope so soon.. because I was looking forward to the O2 Trion, but reading the previous articles looks like we may not be getting that.. doh!!

Posted by Hannah on 07.06.06 - 13:24:52

This cannot be true! I want it on o2 UK!!! :-(

Posted by Oliver Berliner on 09.06.06 - 00:15:25

Still no word I'm afraid, sent another email as well sad

Posted by Hannah on 14.06.06 - 18:19:33

Anyone heard anything more? :-(

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.06.06 - 16:39:50

No, nothing yet but it looks like the [selfurl=]HTC TyTN[/selfurl] became your choice now. Looks like O2 UK hasn't has any plans to release the Hermes under its own Xda brand. sad

Posted by gasp on 16.06.06 - 23:36:43

We if O2 don't release it, thats a really bad mistake by them. They did not release the ATOM when it came out in Australiasia last year, one would think that they would not skip two devices in a row. Nobody is going to buy their old XDA's once Hermes is released. How can O2 compete without it, nothing in their current range has the specs to get the job done.

Posted by Hannah on 18.06.06 - 14:18:49

So as HTC is coming out as their own brand, they wont be network branded (eg spv, xda, mda, vp). So should i be looking out for the HTC TyTN for a release under that name at o2? Or am i going to be waiting forever for anything like the TyTN?

Posted by Hannah on 18.06.06 - 14:30:55

Oh, and as I am not on o2, i cant email them. So can someone email them for me please asking if they are going to be releasing anything like the Hermes/ TyTN in the next few months, please? And post up their reply. Coz i dont wanna be waiting around for nothing coz i could get a different phone.

Posted by Istiaque on 01.07.06 - 14:14:10

I am O2 UK customer, and I have spoken to them regarding an upgrade to the O2 Trion. Advisor, PAUL said, although a release date has not been specified it will be available.

Hope that is good news for all :-)

Posted by Hannah on 07.07.06 - 01:18:12

Thanks :-)

I hear that an o2 uk release is two to three months away!

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