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RELAUNCH: Yes - your are right! PPCW.Net became the::unwired today!
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 24.04.05 - 18:35:37 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 13341x
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Don't worry - PPCW.Net wasn't hacked nor you have entered the wrong URL - you are where you wanted to go but our old fellow PPCW.Net became the::unwired today!

Today PPCW.Net was relaunched as the::unwired with a new domain a new logo, a brand new and sleek design and improved features but from the content side, the::unwired will stays the same what PPCW.Net was before: your place "where mobility meets wireless".

Q: Why do you have relaunched PPCW.Net as the::unwired?
A: the::unwired and its domain is as old as PPCW.Net but I've never used it yet. I've registered back in 2001 in addition to Unwired-I.Net (the name of my consultancy company) and I've always planned to launch PPCW.Net sooner or later under as its new domain. the::unwired is a kind of customer magazine for all - its readers (you ;-)) the customers of Unwired-I.Net and for everybody who is enjoying wireless and mobility.
Before PPCW.Net became PPCW.Net it's name was PocketPCWriter.Net and I've decided to rename it back in 2001 to follow the expecting Smartphone trend. However, it's the nature of the abbreviation PPCW.Net to have ocketPCs in mind - all the time but today PPCW.Net is covering more than Pocket PCs but the full Windows Mobile-range - from Pocket PCs to Smartphone to Portable Media Centers and as soon as Microsoft's MSN Direct (also known under SPOT watches) appears in Europe I'm planning to cover this as well.
Therefore I've decided that it is finally the right time to give PPCW.Net a new name to reflect the development. From now PPCW.Net is called the::unwired which stands for mobility and wireless!

Q: What's new with the::unwired?
A: Mostly everything. the::unwired is based on a new/updated code, features a new design and includes several new features.
Maybe the most important improvement is the fact that I've unified article comments and forum postings. While comments were handled separately before - without the option to register yourself - it's part of the forums now. This means you can register for one user account (single sign-on) which can be used for both - comments and forum postings! Registering an account allows you to edit/delete your comments later as well as it allows you to use a signature. However, using the forum as the single place for comments also allows you to stay on track with feedback to your comments because you can subscribe for a notification by E-Mail. In the past a lot of feedbacks where lost because users forgot to follow a comment-thread; now it's even easier!
Every time a new article is posted a thread is automatically created in the Articles section of the forum. And while the latest comments appears on the bottom of the article's page, you can follow all comments (and very often interesting discussions) in the forum.

I'm sure this will improve the communication between you, the readers of the::unwired as well as between you and the author of the article.

Nevertheless, I plan to add some more interesting features over the next weeks and months (which can be used with a valid forum account only) so it doesn't hurts at all to register (for free).

In addition to the comments/forum integration, the overall navigation of the site is (at least in my opinion) improved which should makes it easier for you to browse through the::unwired to access the News, Views and Reviews as well as the Photo Gallery (which will be extended over next weeks where I will ask your for your support also) and last but not least the Forum. Also the Search functionality is available from all pages now (which was limited before "by design").

Last but not least the articles. While the::unwired is one great source for you to get the latest news and views, the::unwired is not the only one out there and I enjoy to read many other sites as well to get information, ideas or hints. Now you can also read what I'm visiting a couple of times a day through the News Page which includes the latest article headlines from Engadget, Geekzone IT, infoSync World, Digital Media Thoughts, Pocket PC Thoughts and Smartphone Thoughts.
You can find the News Page through Resources -> Other Sites

Q: You seem to be happy with the new site - why do you think I'm happy too?
A: First I'm confident you enjoy the new design as well as the new and deeper integrated features as well. However, to celebrate the relaunch and to feature the new comments/forum integration, I'm happy to give away one Windows Mobile i-mate JAM Pocket PC Phone Edition and one i-mate SP3i Smartphone! 8-O In addition a couple of other fine companies already agreed to support the::unwired relaunch raffle - more to follow during the next week!

Q: How can I join the::unwired Relaunch Raffle
A: It's easy and all you have to do is to help building the community! Every registered forum member with more than 10 (meaningful) replies is joining the raffle automatically! There is no easier way you can get a brand new i-mate JAM or SP3i from the PPCW.Net Online Shop (yes - it will continue for the next weeks under it's old name). Forum members with more than 50 postings get a doubled chance which is my way to thank loyal forum members from the previous PPCW.Net Forum! ;-)
So if you haven't done already, go to the forum and register your account today.

The relaunch raffle will ends 21. May 2005 and all submissions will be counted on 21. May 2004, 12 PM CET!

Q: Is the site-development already done?
A: No, it isn't but you come to the point where you have to launch such a project since some things can be fixed on the live system only. Therefore some items need a modification or they aren't ported from PPCW.Net to the::unwired yet. Please be patient, missing features will be added during the next week. One of the most important features is the mobile version. Right now I've just added a very basic version which provides you access to the latest articles. This will be enhanced over the next days! Promised!

Q: I have found a bug, what should I do?
A: Keep it! ;-) No - I'm kidding... Please let me know the bug to make sure I can fix it ASAP and thanks for your support.

I hope you enjoy the::unwired, the new look and feel and its features as much as I do; at least I was working on this for over 9 months now and I'm happy that it went alive today.
If you have any comments, it's a good starting point to try the new comments now so please feel free to post your feedback!
Enjoy exploring the::unwired!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by It's me on 24.04.05 - 21:00:39

well done arne! I appreciate the integration of the comments into the forum!
also i love the new design, i can not see this 3d designs anymore and enjoy this flat designs way more. regarding the colors, well - not bad even if i'm not a big fan of green. ;-)
anyway - well done and looking forward your future developments you was talking about.

btw: can it be that you was busy the last weeks? the update frequency was pretty slow - unfortunately!, ehm sorry - the::unwired (i have to learn it but i will) is one of the best windows mobile sources for me, especially i enjoy your thoughts!

last but nor least: please hurry up with the "full" mobile version! i'm going to miss it! ;-)

ps: have you reactivated anonymous posting?

Posted by fyiguy on 25.04.05 - 03:45:19


Congratulations on the new site launch!!

The site looks great!!!

Love the new logo...


Posted by jomni on 25.04.05 - 04:29:05

Very nice face lift.  But is it just me, or does anybody else experience some slow down in the site (compared to the old  Anyway, hope you iron some things out. Your site has been a good source of Windows Mobile news for me.   big_smile

Posted by Paragon on 25.04.05 - 06:53:32

Congratulations on the new layout, Arne. It looks good....Good luck.


Posted by Arne Hess on 25.04.05 - 11:39:17

fyiguy wrote:


Congratulations on the new site launch!!

The site looks great!!!

Love the new logo...


Thank a lot smile

jomni wrote:

But is it just me, or does anybody else experience some slow down in the site (compared to the old  Anyway, hope you iron some things out. Your site has been a good source of Windows Mobile news for me.

Yeah, I've noticed the same but interestingly it depends on the PC. While it seems to be slower on my home PC and Notebook, on my office PC it's as fast as PPCW.Net before. But for sure I will investigate it!
Anyway - thanks for the kind words! smile

Paragon wrote:

Congratulations on the new layout, Arne. It looks good....Good luck.

Thanks a lot! Appreciated! smile

Posted by Paragon on 25.04.05 - 18:16:07

Oh, and congratulations on the promotion to Editor-in-Chief. :-)

Posted by wth101 on 27.04.05 - 11:40:49

The RSS feed doesn't seem to work with PocketRSS (v2.1 from Happy Jack). It did before the update, any idea why?

It works OK with Sage in firefox so its probably a PocketRSS problem but thought I'd ask here in case anyine knows why.

Thanks and keep up the good work Arne.

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.04.05 - 12:00:23

Thanks for letting me know, will investigate!

Posted by SmartGuy on 18.05.05 - 16:07:53

Hey Arne! This site really loooookkkksss great!

The name, logo, colors, the total outlook is really catchy! There is a clean and exciting feeling when browsing through the site. Not to mention the cool feeling (maybe due to the green color).

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to you Arne! It was indeed a smooth transition from

One question though, will you totally leave behind the domain? or will you leave it to redirect to this new cool image?

Posted by SmartGuy on 18.05.05 - 16:16:58 more thing....

What's really cool about the transition is that all the good things of can be found in this new site!

I really cannot ask for anything else in this site....(it is still one of the best sites out there for my trusty i-mate ppc and SPV tanager)

Congrats Arne!

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