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RELEASE: Audiovox introduces new Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 07.01.04 - 16:23:21 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9407x
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In an effort to bring together handheld computing and innovative mobile phone technology in one multi-purpose, compact unit, Audiovox Communications Corporation (ACC), a majority owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation announced today that it will launch the PPC 5050. The announcement was made at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

In addition to being a Pocket PC and dual band CDMA/PCS wireless phone, the PPC 5050 is equipped with Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone Edition 2003, an Intel 400MHz Processor, 64 MB Memory and a built-in SD/MMC slot for extra memory. The PPC 5050 also has an integrated MP3 player.

This compact, multi-purpose handheld unit provides reliable wireless voice and data communications on the CDMA2000 1xEVDO and 1xRTT platforms, user-friendly handheld computing with pocket versions of Microsoft Office Applications and the ability to record and play MP3 music files as well as short memos and conversations.

The PPC 5050 has a 3.5" 65K Color TFT Touch-Sensitive QVGA Screen, Infrared data interface (IrDA) and synchronizes easily with a PC using Microsoft Active Sync.

"The PPC 5050 is really the ultimate wireless tool for business travelers since it will streamline the mobile devices needed to conduct business while on the road," said ACC Vice President, Daniel McGuire. "It is a portable computer, a wireless phone and a personal music device all in one compact unit."

The PPC 5050 includes a lithium Ion 1500mAH battery, which can sustain up to five hours talk time or 200 hours standby time, AC adapter with plug and connector adapters, carrying case, stereo headset, stylus pen and USB cradle. Additional accessories for the PPC 5050 include a thumb keypad and cigarette lighter charger, among other items.

For complete information, or to view a demonstration of the new ACC PPC 5050, please stop by Audiovox's CES 2004 booth, No. 20205.

The PPC 5050 is expected to be based on HTC's "Falcon" reference design which is based on HTC's "Wallaby" (xda 1) reference design but seems to exclude the original Falcon GPS functionality!
Neither a price nor a release date was given. Also the Audiovox site isn't updated so far with any information about the PPC 5050.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by SmartGuy on 07.01.04 - 17:42:17

Looks like another competitor for the XDA2.  What PPC do you think will be better?

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.01.04 - 17:47:53

The xda II because it has Bluetooth, a camera, more RAM, an integrated antenna and well - it works with GSM, which I trust in more because thanks to GSM I can use it world wide, not in the US only like the Audiovox PPC 5050... ;-)

Posted by Marc on 07.01.04 - 18:17:17

Does it have a removable battery or gps?

Posted by ms mobiles on 07.01.04 - 21:50:35

None of the links above leads to Audiovox PPC 5050 - but just to some other models or to main website of the Audiovox. Is there some direct URL to PPC 5050 known already?

Posted by Richard on 07.01.04 - 23:22:27

No bluetooth, wi-fi????????

Posted by Jackal99 on 08.01.04 - 01:41:40

I have personally used this unit (prototype) and have mixed feelings. I found the feel of the unit to be slightly slower than the XDA2. On the other hand the 1X data connection kicks the crap out of the GPRS (in Canada at least) and feels about 3 to 4 times faster. The biggest downside is that even though it has a bigger batt that the xda2 the battery life if horrable when you leave the data connection open. I can get full work day, plus evening, leave on overnight and get half way through the next work day with the XDA2. The 5050 died during the first night and that was with less talk time.  I was unable to have time to test the gps. I hope the production version fixes some of these bugs for its febuary eta.

Posted by Yudhi on 08.01.04 - 03:36:17

Dear Jackal99,

Is Audiovox PPC 5050 using RUIM ?

In Indonesia we have new CDMA operator that able to use EV-DO and RTT-1X but they use RUIM card.

If using RUIM then it will be popular in here.

Please, advice.


Posted by Mauricio Freitas on 08.01.04 - 08:37:49

I've tested this device using Telecom New Zealand. Some answers:

- no bluetooth neither wi-fi, but SDIO is present, so it's easy to add these

- no, it's not using RUIM cards

- no removable battery

- the built in GPS is for use with some network services only and not available to user programs.

You can see my review with a performance chart created with Spb Benchmark here:

Posted by APA on 08.01.04 - 12:07:16

Well I do have the XDA II, however I'm considering to sell it again.

The functionality is really nice, but at night when I wanna go for a beer or in a tropical place where I don't wear cargo pants the form factor is troublesome. For work it's great but for leisure I don't like it. So I feel I'm better of with 2 devices, a tiny phone and a nice pda, however as long as screen resolution is still not VGA size 640x480 and as long as I can't rotate programs to use more space mmmhhh.

However the worst that kills these devices is the pricing policy for data services. I have to pay 7.5 CHF per MB. This very much limits the functionality of such a device.

If you wonder what I'm talking about have a look at and look for the price plans they offer for HongKong or UK, I think even Austria has good deals.

So as long as the prices don't adjust any of these devices is of limited use sad

Posted by ms mobiles on 08.01.04 - 16:39:22

APA: I too prefer 2 devices - ms smartphone and pocket pc PDA. You claim that there is no VGA resolution and no rotation of programs. But it's not truth: I have Toshiba e800 and with the free ResFix program everything works perfectly also in high resolution of 640x480. After getting used to use 640x480 I would never come back to 320x240.... and 2 body solution is perfect - actually with MS Smartphone I can browser occasionally when the e800 is not at hand. So, APA: it's all possible already NOW.

Posted by APA on 08.01.04 - 21:14:26

Well from what I heard there are basically no apps that work in 640x480, view yes, work not really. Which MS Smartphone do you refer to ? QTEK 8080/SPV200, the one with the stoneage battery life ?

Posted by APA on 08.01.04 - 21:17:56

Sorry hit the wrong key smile

Also on the PDA's I'm not aware that you can program on the .NET CF to rotate the screen to make use of the wider space ? At least I never found a way to do so.

Posted by Yudhi on 09.01.04 - 08:29:42

Hi ms mobiles,

You have e800 right, what is the actual screen size, 4" or 3.8" ?

Where you buy it and how much is it ?


Posted by Question on 23.04.04 - 06:30:54

Is the XDS II available in Canada?

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