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RELEASE: Cingular 3125/3120 (HTC Star Trek) Available for Business Customers
Posted by Alfredo Padilla - on Wednesday, 13.09.06 - 18:11:04 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 17748x
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We've known it was coming for quite awhile and according to Mobile Gadget News the Cingular version of the Star Trek will be available for business customers starting tomorrow. This means that a general release is not long off. Apparently it will be available either with (3125) or without(3120) the 1.3mp camera, a nice option for business customers. Cingular is the first U.S. carrier to pick up the device.

The HTC Star Trek is the first Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition device to sport a "slim" flip phone design a la the Motorola Razr. In terms of specs its a very standard smartphone edition device including a 200mhz processor, 2.2" QVGA screen, 64mb Rom, 64mb RAM, 1.3mp Camera and Bluetooth (including A2DP). It also sports a very nice exterior screen and has keys for controlling your music playback on the exterior of the pohone.

This is great news for Cingular customers who want a stylish windows mobile device. The phone does have its flaws, no 3G or Wi-Fi, small ROM size, low resolution camera, but with a product like this it's all about the form factor. Check out Arne's review of the HTC Star Trek by clicking below.

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