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RELEASE: O2 Asia ready to release its xda II soon and announcing its Smartphone 2003
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 29.10.03 - 21:06:16 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6204x
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According to O2 Asia's redesigned website, O2 is introducing the xda II into the Asian Pacific market in November. O2 Asia already sold the xda before in different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and others.
Maybe that's not real big news - real big news for sure is, that O2 Asia seems to be ready now to introduce their first Microsoft Smartphone (after they've canceled the previous announced version in summer this year).

According to the information I got and the published picture on the site, O2 Asia will release the HTC Voyager as O2 Xphone! 8O

The O2 Xphone will be the same phone which is soon to be released from Orange as SPV E200 and features Microsoft Smartphone 2003, Bluetooth and a build-in camera on the backside of the phone.

The xda II will be available in following countries for US$ 860 (not inclusive of local tax and duty):

  • Australia: end of Nov 2003
  • Malaysia: 3rd week of Nov 2003
  • Macau: TBA
  • Vietnam: TBA
  • Thailand: 3rd week of Nov 2003
  • Hong Kong: end of Oct 2003
  • Singapore: end of Oct 2003
  • Philippines: end of Nov 2003
  • Indonesia: 3rd week of Nov 2003

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Gwailo on 29.10.03 - 21:22:10

US$ 860 without taxes and duties! 8O For less I will get it from you! ;-) May PayPal account is ready to reload and waits for your release! :-)

Posted by Deedoo on 29.10.03 - 21:32:57

Is the XDAII will be available in europe (France for example ? ;-) )

I'm looking for this type of ppc for monthes...

Posted by Gwailo on 29.10.03 - 21:54:10

Deedoo, see arnes announcement on, he is selling it as well but in english only how he said in the forum today.

Posted by Jacek on 29.10.03 - 22:30:09

what about O2 in Europe (for example O2 in UK or in Germany)? will O2 in Europe also start selling Microsoft smartphone too?

Posted by Lars Andreas Nilsen on 30.10.03 - 09:52:04

When will O2 Xphone be released in Europe, and will it be released in Norway? and if, when i norway can I expect it?

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.10.03 - 10:21:44

@Jacek, Lars Andreas Nilsen: There is nothing official from mmO2 about having the Smartphone introduced to Europe since O2 Asia is completely independent from O2 carriers in Europe (they are selling hardware and services only - so there revenue stream is a different one) and also O2 UK/Germany/Ireland is ready to introduce their first own cell phone the "O2 X1" which isn't a Microsoft Smartphone at all (

Therefore I wouldn't bet my money to O2 Europe (today).

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.10.03 - 17:01:12

The O2 Xphone should also come with 64MB ROM which I was told several weeks ago.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Ronnie Ho on 30.10.03 - 17:19:08

I am gladful for this info from PPCW. I will be amongst the first to buy it. Bye Bye to my years of Nokia Communicators.

Posted by Norman on 31.10.03 - 14:29:08

I have a question for you about the xda II/i-Mate.  O2 are showing on their website that you can use WiFi with an SDIO card.  For obvious reasons you would not have WiFi and GPRS going at the same time but does anyone know if you can have regular GSM and WiFi running at the same. 

In other words, can I surf with WiFi and still have the GSM phone running to receive incoming voice calls?  Or do I have to completely shut down the phone to be able to run WiFi?

I know it is still early days for the xdaII but has anyone tried this?



Posted by Arne Hess on 31.10.03 - 14:37:06

@Norman: That's not a problem at all to have GSM and Wi-Fi running the same time. Unlike other PDA platforms the Pocket PC platform is multitasking... ;-)

It's like having a DSL connection on your PC enabled while sending a fax through the modem at the same time!

See also X-MAN's first experiences with a SD Wi-Fi card in the Forum!

Posted by Alim on 01.11.03 - 11:36:41

I have a question. Since XDA 2 is a PDA and mobile, can I switch off the phone feature without switching off the PDA functions? - Like when we onboard the plane and they don't allow you to switch on the phone but you need to use the PDA. Alim - Malaysia

Posted by lifesuk on 01.11.03 - 15:36:18

its a good news it is coming, and a bad news i might lose money

and 1 question, wer can i update the OS?

Posted by Arne Hess on 01.11.03 - 16:25:46

@Alim: Yes, phone and PDA can be used separate. So turning off the phone module on the xda II (and even on the Smartphone) is possible. No problem to use the xda II on an aircraft! :-)

Posted by Arne Hess on 01.11.03 - 16:26:44

@lifesuk: What do you mean with the update? Which device you want to update?

Posted by lifesuk on 02.11.03 - 05:27:30

2 Arne Hess

i mean upgrade the OS, cos i wont use orange network, cant upgrade under orange network.

so r there any websits for this xphone's upgrade?(not only patch, also the whole system)

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