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RELEASE: SMART Communications Philippines releases the Amazing Phone 2
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Tuesday, 29.06.04 - 15:38:56 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 15492x
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SMART Communications has just released the Amazing Phone 2. Based on the HTC Voyager, the Amazing Phone 2 incorporates the several services powered by Action Engine. This gives the users the ability to backup their data over-the-air, retrieve data via the Amazing Explorer and download ringtones or homescreen background images using the Amazing Store.

Included in the package is the Smartphone and battery, charger, USB Synch cable and charger adaptor for charging the Amazing phone directly from a charger.


  • Plan 5000 : FREE


  • Plan 500 : Php 17,100.00
  • Plan 800 : Php 17,100.00
  • Plan 1200 : Php 17,100.00
  • Plan 1800 : Php 17,100.00
  • Plan 2500 : FREE
  • Plan 3500 : FREE

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Posted by Jose on 30.06.04 - 05:01:00

I went to a Smart Wireless Center and they said Prepaid isnt availible yet... They said during maybe the 2nd week of July. Do you know the exact date??

Posted by dan pining on 30.06.04 - 09:39:11

[1] I applied also for the new unit Amazing Phone 2 and i'm also waiting and i'm exited.

Posted by Jose on 30.06.04 - 11:04:31

Are you getting a plan or a pre-paid? I'm getting pre-paid and gonna unlock it afterwards cause i already have a plan for a different network.. i just like the phone! lol

Posted by Jose on 30.06.04 - 11:08:04

Is the Amazing Phone 2 able to be unlocked yet??

Posted by dan on 01.07.04 - 06:06:44

[3] I'm getting a plan i'm avoiding the hazzel of loading of pre-paid. Unlocked? i have no idea yet. But here in the phil. is not a problem. You know naman pinoy in hacking cellphones    lol

Posted by Jose on 01.07.04 - 16:05:46

Yeah yeah! They always find a way! Hahaha well i'm getting pre-paid because I live in China and I always move from Manila to Beijing almost monthly and I have a plan in China. I really can't wait for this phone. Smart Wireless Center at Alabang Festival Mall said itll be out maybe at the first or second week of this month!!

Posted by Dan on 02.07.04 - 07:34:16

[6] Well you are a very busy guy... always traveling monthly. Yeah you need this kind of phone, handy and many application can be loaded. Wireless at mkt office call me up and told me just to wait up to 2nd wk of july.. maybe we can be in-touch after we got our unit..

Posted by Mike on 03.07.04 - 18:53:24

I already got my voyager since a month ago.  Its better than the SAP 1 coz it doesn't hang too often like SAP 1.  But the battery life is still a big problem.  So for people on the go who wants this phone....I suggest that you guys buy an extra battery or a car charger!

Posted by Jose on 04.07.04 - 06:16:11

[7] Yeah... I'm going to America today and I'll be back in Manila on the 15th so hopefully by then it'll be around. If you wanna e-mail me my email is i cant wait for this phone over here!!

Posted by Jose on 04.07.04 - 06:28:31

[8] Yeah, I heard about the battery problem... What drains the battery so fast, anyways?

Posted by dan pining on 05.07.04 - 11:19:15

[10] Good news the new release of ROM version improve overall functionality specially the power consumption. This seems to be fixed now.

Posted by Arne Hess on 05.07.04 - 11:25:00

[11] That indeed is good news.

But when I tried the older version without an SD card inserted, it performed pretty well for nearly 2 days on a single charge.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by chris alipio on 07.07.04 - 22:21:55

you think they'll upgrade my smartphone 1 to 2? im on plan, i hope they do, that'll keep me loyal hahahaha

Posted by Exx on 08.07.04 - 23:46:27

[13] i was thinking the same thing! hahaha! i used to have a smartphone 1, but sold it to get an xda. right now i'm torn between getting an xda2 and one of these. does anyone know if greenhills could unlock an xda2 by now?

Posted by chazer on 14.07.04 - 09:58:27

smart communication has a promo on amazing phone 2. It is free at plan 800 the special offer is just until july 16.......... it is available at all smart wireless center.....

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