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RELEASED: HTC Universal finally available from Vodafone Germany as VPA IV
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 05.11.05 - 10:09:14 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10692x
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As Vodafone Germany recently announced in a customer E-Mail, the VPA IV (HTC Universal) is available from Vodafone now.
I think, I don't have to say anything anymore about the Universal (which Vodafone previewed the first time last CeBIT), it's the first Windows Mobile UMTS device with keyboard, etc.
The VPA IV is available from Vodafone's German online shop for 899,50 Euro without a contract, with a contract 529,90/459,89 Euro:

Right now, it's not known if the VPA IV is also SIM-locked like the T-Mobile MDA Pro or if it can be used with other SIM cards also (without paying additional bucks for an unlock-code).
Also it's not known yet, how, when and if the VPA IV will make it to other Vodafone countries.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Richard Bukovansky on 07.11.05 - 17:30:36

Just a slang grammar issue: US dollar in slang is a buck, not a bug... ;-)

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.11.05 - 17:55:20

Ups, that bug was a bug and changed to buck now. wink Thanks!

Posted by hirsch on 11.11.05 - 15:21:42

Hey Arne#it's me Erich from the Munich User Group.
Today i visited a Vodafone Shop in Munich and asked for the conditions with a contract.
also the reseller told me there is   no  sim lock, also you can use the vpa iV with other sim cards.just you cannot use  gprs because of the configuration od vodafone's vpa iV with ohter simcards as vodafone.and umts is no available as well with other cards.
then i made a call to the support of vodafone and asked the same questions and the support confirmed me the same.

so long
Best regards erich

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.11.05 - 00:20:07

Erich, thanks a lot but be careful! According to Vodafone's press release I finally found it costs 100 € to get it unlocked:

Important: This mobile phone only functions with Vodafone D2 SIM cards. If you want to use a SIM card from another provider, you either have to wait 24 months or pay a flat-rate unblocking charge of EUR 100. Then, you can obtain your personal unblocking code by calling the hotline at 0172 / 12441 or via the VPA IV webpage at the Vodafone Online Shop:

So either the PR is wrong or the shop/Hotline has no clue... Looks like have to visit a Vodafone shop next week to test it.

Posted by hirsch on 15.11.05 - 22:06:52

Hi Arne, yesterday i went to a vodafone's shop in Munich's Kaufingerstrasse, asked for the details and  the reseller told me to use with another simcard (for example O2 Germany) you have to pay 100 € for the netlock.So vodafone has the same strategy withe the nelock as t-Mobile.

Best regards Erich

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