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RESEARCH: Notebook Hooligans cause havoc in UK
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 08.08.02 - 14:30:00 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6133x
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Wiltshire, UK - 8th August 2002: Careless laptop users are costing UK companies millions of pounds each year according to new research by Techair, the computer luggage manufacturers, and Vanson Bourne. The survey shows that the most common reason for laptop damage is physical misuse by users, and each damaged portable PC takes between three and seven days to repair.

The survey of 100 UK IT managers, conducted in July 2002, found that 41% of IT managers believe that the most common reason for laptop damage is physical breakages by users. The survey also found that 59% of IT managers saw a direct cost to their company's bottom line because of this problem.

"UK laptop users seem to be little more than 'hooligans', treating their technology with a complete lack of respect," said Alex Pidgley, managing director of Techair. "With an increasingly mobile workforce, technology is carried around from place to place a lot more, but the way users protect their PCs from breakage is woeful."
A third of companies have to repair between 10-20% of notebooks because of physical damage each year. Given that many large organisations often have up to 3,000 laptops in service at any one time, this can amount to millions of pounds.

Graham Opie, director of Vanson Bourne Research said: "Our research shows that IT managers are extremely annoyed by the amount of laptops that get damaged because of sheer carelessness. It's wasted resource for something that is completely avoidable."

Two out of three respondents also estimated that laptops take between three and seven working days to repair, meaning massive productivity losses for careless workers.

"Despite advances in technology, laptops are still extremely fragile and should be treated with respect - a bit like your best china," continued Alex Pidgley. "And you don't carry your best china around in a Tesco carrier bag!"

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