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RESPONSE: Microsoft tries to explain Windows Phone 7 update problems
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 24.02.11 - 11:33:49 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10703x
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During the past days, I was in contact with Microsoft regarding the recently released Windows Phone 7 update and the problems some customers faced and finally, Microsoft has released a statement where it explains a little bit more detailed how Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7 update process is working as well as it released figures how well or bad the first Windows Phone 7 update did. First of all - Microsoft said that 90 % of the customers who've received an update notification have installed the new software patch successfully. However, 10 % experienced a problem, where 5 % failed for two basic reasons - a bad Internet connection or insufficient computer storage space.

Unfortunately Microsoft hasn't explained what has happened to the other 5 % but these missing 5 % must be Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus customers because Microsoft has taken down the update for these two devices (was again confirmed this morning by a press information we've received from Microsoft Germany).

In addition to the statement, Microsoft has also released a Q&A where it answered questions about the Samsung update, how to make the update go more smoothly when your turn comes, and which Windows Phone will receive the update

However, if you have yet not received the update, Microsoft also said that it's hard to predict when it will arrive because it depends on many factors: "It could be days - or even weeks - before you're able to update your phone" and continues to explain why the process takes so long.

In any case, the Q&A is worth to read, even if it leaves some important questions unanswered. For instance what happened to the last 5 % as well as giving further information what the root cause of the update problem was.

In any case, I will be at Samsung tomorrow and will try to get some further information what went wrong with the Windows Phone 7 update for Samsung devices and why T-Mobile's Omnia 7s aren't affected at all.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Len on 24.02.11 - 12:57:36

It seems to be 10% of updated Windows Phones that failed.

Out of that 10%, Microsoft said that 5% had bad reception. We can assume that the other 5% were directly Microsoft's fault. In fact, I'd class that entire 10% of failed phones as being Microsoft's fault, as the OS lacks the needed safeguards, and Microsoft obviously didn't test the update sufficiently. So that's Microsoft's failure.

It's astonishing that Microsoft is so incompetent with updating Windows Phones. There have not been any updates of worth. When is full multitasking coming? It's not here yet, when all of Windows Phone's competitors already have it.

The bizarre part is that this update delivered nothing useful. Its only function was to make future updates smooth. Instead, it is bricking phones. Epic FAIL.

Posted by Falco on 24.02.11 - 14:06:39

+1! Bad Internet connection? Not my fault but the system should check! Insufficient computer storage space? Every Service Pack verifies for storage space! Not my fault! Microsoft simply screwed the update and wanted to test with a first update how good it will work for Nodo! I'm sure that Nodo will ne postponed now but not because it's not ready but because Microsoft haven't made their update homework.

Posted by pastakare on 27.02.11 - 01:47:27

is teh windows phone 7 have seem good compare with the android??

Posted by GSMDetail on 27.02.11 - 17:05:43

People reported on that the had no problems updating the phone in the Netherlands.

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