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RESULTS: Spb Software House announces the results of the Spb Pocket PC Survey 2006
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 22.12.06 - 18:21:52 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9898x
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Spb Software House today announced the results of the third "Spb Pocket PC Survey", a global survey for Pocket PC users and Spb as well as I would like to thank all the survey participants. The results of this survey will help all of us to understand Pocket PC users and their needs better.
The end of the year is a good time to look at what are the main changes that happened in the Pocket PC world in 2006 comparing to 2005 and 2004 years. The results of the survey show some very expected and some not so expected changes in the way people use Pocket PC devices:

Here are some expected changes in accessories that people use for their Pocket PC devices:

  • Fewer people buy additional WiFi cards (23% in 2004 vs. only 15% in 2006). This is an expected change because more and more new Pocket PC devices have built-in WiFi capability.
  • The average storage card size people buy has increased more than 3 times during the last 2 years (341M in 2004 vs. 1.2G in 2006).
  • MiniSD and MicroSD formats become more popular while CF cards share is decreasing.
  • Number of people who buy Bluetooth speakerphones has more than doubled during the last 2 years. This result is related to the fact that more and more people use their Pocket PC as a phone.
  • Although now more new devices have built-in GPS, the number of people who buy GPS accessories is still increasing (30% in 2004 vs. 39% in 2006).

Some changes in the results are related to the new Pocket PC platform: Windows Mobile 5. Thus almost two times fewer people synchronize over WiFi than a year ago (18% in 2005 vs. 10% in 2006). It is a very expected result because this feature was removed from the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync.

Another change related to Windows Mobile 5 and persistent storage technology we expected to see was the decreasing number of people who backup their data. But quite interesting is that despite of the persistent storage that now all Windows Mobile 5 devices provide, people did not stop to backup their devices (80% in 2004 vs. 79% in 2006). And since more OEMS do not include backup programs in their devices, the number of people who use the 3rd-party backup programs has increased from 13% in 2004 to 28% in 2006.

Definitely the year 2006 was a year of the phone edition devices and mobile Internet:

  • The number of people who use their Pocket PC as a phone has increased from 14% in 2004 and 35% in 2005, to 56% in 2006.
  • Although most people still use their Pocket PCs as an organizer (85% in 2004 vs. 84% in 2006) the second and the third frequently reported usages have been changed from games and music in 2004 to web (73%) and emails (63%) in 2006.

Pocket PC devices become more and more popular and mainstream and therefore we can expect that the year of 2007 should bring us even more interesting changes.

Cheers ~ Arne

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