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RETARDATION: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 sales slowed by manufacturing delays
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 04.11.08 - 15:54:18 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 16622x
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IDG News Service reports today that Sony Ericsson isn't shipping as many units of its HTC manufactured Xperia X1 Windows Mobile smartphone as originally planned. According to Sony Ericsson, the manufacturing delays were caused by a lack of certain materials which hardest hits Sweden, Germany and the U.K. since the Xperia X1 was initially launched in this three countries. Sony Ericsson's Nordic public-relations manager Gustaf Brusewitz confirmed IDG News Service that more phones are expected to go on sale in Sweden in the next couple of days followed by more shipments which are also expected in the U.K. and Germany during the next couple of weeks.

However, Brusewitz declined to comment on which materials are causing the problems but more people have been assigned to the project now to reduce the delays, he said, again declining to give further details.

Nevertheless, plans to sell the Xperia X1 in other countries won't be affected by the initial launch country delays, despite the initial shortage of phones, according to Brusewitz. It will still go on sale as planned in European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Norway, and also Asian markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong and Sony Ericsson still plans to launch the phone in other markets, including the U.S., during November.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by derliebewolf on 04.11.08 - 21:30:15

I bought the device 1 month ago and am still waiting..."couple of weeks"??? Seriously???


Posted by Arne Hess on 04.11.08 - 21:42:08

You bought it a month ago and still have to wait? Where, from whom?

Posted by derliebewolf on 05.11.08 - 09:36:07

Germany :-(

from here: … AQ:DE:1123

The first X1's were delivered beginning of last week, end of the week before anyway so I guessed this was some sort of "preorder". This still sucks, I want the darned thing now! :-)

Posted by Junker Joerg on 05.11.08 - 14:21:41

derliebewolf wrote:

Germany :-(

from here: … AQ:DE:1123

The first X1's were delivered beginning of last week, end of the week before anyway so I guessed this was some sort of "preorder". This still sucks, I want the darned thing now! :-)

Hey, it's not SEs fault if you order your phone from an obscure online shop which is selling items before he has it in stock. I got mine from O2 Germany the day after it was available online.

Posted by derliebewolf on 05.11.08 - 14:53:06

I did not wrote that it is SE's fault or whomevers fault. Just said "this sucks"...

Posted by Teef on 09.11.08 - 11:39:57

Well im waiting foir X1 at least 4-5 months,becouse i dont like any other phone.X1 was launched on 31.9.2008,first of them was in O2 in the end of october whitch i sadly missed,and what i know the sho got3-4 X1s,and they were gone very quickly so im waiting another 2 weeks and still nothing.SE is pissing me off with this and im seriously thinking about other pohone sadly sad

Posted by Luke on 10.11.08 - 16:16:00

I got my X1 from Vodafone on Saturday. I have wanted one since April but unfortunately I am very disappointed. Although a nice looking phone with a good spec, the fundamentals have been overlooked which totally ruins it for me. I am sending mine back to Vodafone, hopefully at some point they will bring out something where these flaws have been rectified. Main problems as follows:-

- Reduced network signal (all my previous SE phones have always been fine). Often has 'no network'
- Very poor speaker; far too quiet and tinny sounding. Makes the MS Media Player pointless
- No automatic key lock, you have to manually press a button
- Often slow

The main qualm for me is the speaker quality which means you can hardly hear it ringing and all songs sound awful!

Very disappointed!

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