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REVEALED: More information and details about the O2 Xda IIi
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 20.10.04 - 21:08:51 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8804x
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Since the previous announcements from O2 UK and o2 Germany, we haven't heard that much anymore about their next coming Xda IIi; however, I got the following information confirmed by O2 now.

All we saw before were rumors and speculations only but it's confirmed now that the Xda IIi isn't based on the "HTC Magician" but based on the new "HTC Alpine".


  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • Intel Bulverde 520 MHz CPU
  • 64/128MB ROM and 128MB RAM
  • 3.5" 240X320 64K TFT-LCD
  • GSM/GPRS (tri-band)
  • GPRS class B - Multi-slot standard class 10
  • Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11b compliant
  • Infrared IrDA SIR
  • Bluetooth v1.2
  • Colors CMOS 1.3 mega-pixel camera
  • MMC/SDIO card slot
  • CF type II + VGA Out + Battery Back Pack

And surprisingly, it looks like this:

Yes, it's the Xda II design but with a great set of new and improved features and I'm pretty happy that O2 continues with the previously introduced Xda II design because for me it is (still) the "state of the art" Pocket PC Phone Edition (reference) design! I for myself know that I will go with the Xda IIi instead of the Xda III because I don't need the thumb-keyboard at all but prefer a faster CPU and improved camera quality.

Release date is late this year (acording to the previous press release), a price wasn't given yet.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Scotty on 20.10.04 - 21:42:35

Great news, Arne!  Hopefully someone (hint, hint, Arne) will carry an unlocked version of this.  Arne, do you know if my accessories for the XDA will work with XDAII/IIi?

Posted by Cliff on 20.10.04 - 22:40:12

I would like to see a tri-mode CDMA version of this today.  Is there any news to report?

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.10.04 - 22:46:27

[1] At least O2 will carry an unlocked version (at least here in Germany, not sure how this locking stuff works in UK).
Regarding the accessories I don't have any confirmed information (and I don't want to speculate, sorry) but will keep you updated as soon as I've heard more.

[2] Can you update a GSM (only) user? What's triple CDMA? :roll:

Posted by Charlie Crackle on 21.10.04 - 03:38:41

will it support bluetooth hand free profile for connection to nokia Blue tooth hand free car kits.

Posted by john on 21.10.04 - 06:13:28

It is not a quad band :?: How about us users in USA :x

Arne, Could you please confirm if it is really Triband??

Posted by jayson on 21.10.04 - 07:31:51

The last line of the features show:
"CF type II + VGA out + Battery Pack"?

The picture doesn't seem to indicate that it will be embedded in the device.  Sounds like O2 will just include the backpack in the bundle.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted by JaToAc on 21.10.04 - 10:16:57

with this looks my girlfriend won't notice my new device wink so on eproblem less smile if they would only have included vga, so i still have to wait for another device. but hey, its SE, and i want LS so bad  8)

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.10.04 - 11:12:18

[4] Too early to talk about it. I haven't seen it yet.
[5] It's released by O2 Europe and it supports International Roaming in the US but since it isn't released by a North American carrier it's not forced to support GSM 850. Not sure if HTC is planning a GSM 850 version in addition. Also the tri-band is what I've heard but it might change? Give O2 the time to release it and we will see what we get.
[6] You are right, it's the back pack I've reviewed before and I wouldn't expect to see it within the bundle but sold separately as accessories as it is today with the back pack.

Posted by Abdul Rehman on 21.10.04 - 11:31:54

Why there is no mentioning of EGPRS (Edge) in Pocket PC Phones yet? sad I'm not asking for 3G services but atleast Edge should be there in our PPC Phones. Nokia has a line up of almost 8 Edge enabled phones. Arne please comment.

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.10.04 - 11:44:10

[9] I can't comment because I don't know. I've even never seen an EDGE network live since we don't have EDGE in Germany and I'm not sure if UK have it either. Since O2 doesn't operates EDGE networks they are not forced to launch EDGE enabled devices/Xda's and while EDGE spread better than I expected first (yes, I was wrong), EDGE is still a niche while WCDMA/UMTS/3G is the common future.

Therefore I expect to see 3G PPCPE and Smartphones next year (fingers crossed...) but not sure if the invest into EDGE makes sense for OEMs like HTC.

Posted by Tim on 21.10.04 - 14:51:31

I'm surprised that we aren't seeing 802.11G on these devices instead of 802.11B. Is there a technical reason they wouldn't have G?

Posted by RobLyman on 21.10.04 - 21:01:20

Finally, a upgraded iMate/XDA II that is really an upgrade. I too ould care less about the keyboard. Built in WiFi means I can carry a smaller case without a pocket for my SDIO WiFi and I don't need to switch out WiFi and SD memory.

Hopefully the OS will come with a better Bluetooth implementation (internet over Bluetooth w/o activesynch?). Anyone know if it has consumer IR?

VGA would be nice, but not necessary. Oh, and GSM 850 woul be nice too.

Posted by Henry on 22.10.04 - 01:12:32

tongue If you know who sell this sim free O2 PPC , please inform me.
I like this up-grade version.

Posted by John on 23.10.04 - 22:59:30

Finally a pocketpc which corresponds to what I have been looking for ages lol

A very nice "all in one" device...

Posted by Michael on 24.10.04 - 16:11:03

BTW, it is O2 IV?

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