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REVIEW: Covertec USB Sync Charger + Travel Charger for HTC Himalaya and O2 xda II
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 04.02.04 - 17:04:06 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 14040x
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The Covertec USB Sync Charger + Travel Charger pack is a light and practical 3 in 1 kit which chare and syncronize your HTC Himalaya (aka O2 xda II, T-Mobile MDA II, i-Mate Phone Edition) through the USB port of your PC. Also you can charge your device directly to wall outlet, almost everywhere in the world (USA, UK/Hong Kong, Continental Europe, Australia) by using the included adapters.

Package Content:

  • USB to Himalaya cable
  • US, UK, Continental European & Australian Adaptor Plugs
  • Wall Outlet Connector (100-240V) to charge your PDA

How to use:
Select the adapter you want to use and put it to the outlet connector.
From left to right: Continental European, Australian, UK adapter and the US adapter, connected to the wall outlet connector.

Now connect one end of the USB cable with the wall outlet connector and the other end to your device. Plug the adapter into the wall outlet and you are done - your device is getting charged:

In case you want to synchronize your PC data with your Pocket PC Phone Edition, simply remove the wall outlet connector and plug the USB cable into the USB port of your Desktop or Notebook PC:

Immediately after you connect it, your device is being charged (depends on your PC if you have to switch it on to charge it or if it also works in stand-by more. While my PC also charges through USB while it is switched off, my Notebook have to run).
If you have also installed ActiveSync on your PC, right after you connected the cable synchronization starts too.

Final Conclusion

This is a very handy accessory - for frequent travelers as well as for users who need a second charger because the cradle is located in the office but you need something to charge your device if you are at home.
Also it's handy because it already includes the most important power connectors so you can charge your device virtually everywhere on the world.

There is only one thing which makes me wonder: While the original Himalaya charger has an output of 2A, this charger has an output of 1A only. However, it charged 2 of my i-Mate Phone Editions several times now (both - main and backup battery) and I haven't noticed that it charges slower than the original charger.
Also I haven't found the battery drain effect while it is connected to the PC (like we have seen before with the Boxwave miniSync cable) but it also recharges the battery (tested with my Desktop and Notebook PC).

The Covertec USB Sync Charger + Travel Charger for HTC Himalaya is available from Covertec's web shop soon and costs around 29,90 Euro.
I will continue to test it if it really charges the device (don't want to see the miniSync effect again) but if it does, it's absolutely worth for travelers and road worriers.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by lvermont on 07.02.04 - 16:33:09

So these guys git it right then? No battery drain.

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.02.04 - 17:18:23

Yes, it seems so! At least with my i-Mate Phone Edition and Rom 1.58 I haven't noticed any battery drains. Neither with power adapter, nor with the USB direct charging. But I'm continuing to watch it...

Posted by Andy Bernard on 09.02.04 - 13:45:52

They do look good, and the price is OK, until you get to the shipping.  €12 to put a small cable in a Jiffy Bag and post it!!  Putting me off, so far.

BTW, I wouldn't worry about the charger output being only 1A, rather than the 2A charger that's provided.  I doubt if it's ever delivering more than a few hundred mA, other than briefly at the start of chagring a flat battery.

Posted by lvermont on 13.02.04 - 17:06:15

When will this reach stateside? Anyone know?

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.02.04 - 12:35:04

Okay, I've heavily tested it now for a week or so and I can confirm it's really recharging the battery and it isn't draining it on both - the i-Mate Phone Edition and the i-Mate Smartphones! :-) It's working great with both - USD and wall charger, haven't seen any problems! So beside the shipping costs it's really worth to buy it! :-)

Posted by Andy Bernard on 11.03.04 - 13:29:34

It finally arrived (with a couple of their screen protectors I also ordered) and appears OK, except that it does seem to drain the battery (O2 XDA II) when it gets below around 60%.  Above that it charges fine.

Is this the dreaded drain problem - is there a cure, or do I try to get back to Covertec?

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