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REVIEW: Eleksen Soft Keyboard for Orange SPV by ORA
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 07.04.03 - 13:45:51 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 16153x
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The Ora fabric keyboard for your SPV adds a full QWERTY keyboard to your SPV and folds neatly when not in use. I got one last week on Möbius and heavily used it during the past days for SMS, MSN Messenger, Web and writing down some notes.

The soft keyboard looks and feels like a fabric, but it's more than that. It's an intelligent technology capable of electronic sensing, heralding a new generation of product opportunities. You can fold it, scrunch it or wrap it, according to your need. Lightweight, durable, flexible and cost competitive.

While it is folded, it requires as much space as other keyboards like the Stowaway or Pocketop. However, since it is made on textile, it's more flexible in your pocket.

When it is unfolded, it gives you the same size as you get from other foldable keyboards like the Pocketop:

The keyboard comes with an attached and non removable phone mount which keeps the SPV and provides a proper angel to watch the Smartphone screen. This mount is foldable:

This keyboard requires an additional driver which isn't part of the keyboard package but will be part of the next ROM upgrade for the SPV. This driver also contains an extra program which lets you configure your keyboard:

As you can see above you can set the keyclicks to on/off as well as you can configure the backlight settings.

Final Conclusion

I've used the flex keyboard heavily during the past days for SMS, IM as well as writing some E-Mails or surfing the web. First of all, like with most "foldable" keyboards you have to keep in mind that this solution never works as good as your home keyboard but it works even better than I expected. When I first heard about a textile based keyboard for the SPV I wasn't sure if this really works but it did and you don't have to hammer the keys but only need to touch them.

When I was in the subway I've tried to write some stuff and I need to take out a magazine out of my bag to put it on my laps under the keyboard but with this solution the results was pretty satisfied.

However, without additional software like NotBad (a notepad for the Smartphone platform) you might be pretty limited in using the keyboard since the original Smartphone platform doesn't includes any "word processing" software. But Using NotBad allowed me to write down some thoughts I had.

But unbeatable is the keyboard if you are an IM junkie like me. While T9 works great for composing a SMS it's to slow for Instant Messaging and here I loved to use it. Also for E-Mails it's pretty handy!

All together, the flex keyboard is a great addition for your Smartphone, if you use it for more then voice calls only but you see it as a communication device. Unfortunately with a price of around 73.00 Euro, it's a pretty expensive accessory so you might be sure that you really need it. But if you have a use for it, it's a great accessory which adds a real value to your SPV and increases the productivity of 100 %!

Cheers ~ Arne

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