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REVIEW: Innovi Bluetrek G2 Bluetooth Headset
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 28.04.04 - 21:04:04 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 19543x
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Some weeks ago - after the CeBIT, Innovi Technologies sent me their latest Bluetooth headset, the Bluetrek G2 for a review and since that, I was using it more or less every day - together with my i-Mate Smartphone2 and i-Mate Pocket PC Phone Edition.

The Bluetrek G2 weights around 12 grams only while it provides up to 9 hours talk-time with 400 hours stand-by time. That's fantastic values but is it worth the money?


  • Operating distance: 10 meters
  • Weight: Around 12 grams
  • Capacity: Up to 9 hours talk-time and 300 hours stand-by time
  • Bluetooth: Single-chip solution; Complies with Bluetooth specifications v1.1
  • Ear compatibility: Reversible hook for either ear with smooth material for long hold
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion with low battery indicator
  • Noise: Cancels background noise
  • Volume: Adjustable volume

The Bluetrek G2 is a typical headset which covers the complete ear but the almond-shaped grey/silver and quite good looking headset is super small, compared to other Bluetooth headsets.

The retail package itself is fully equipped with all the things you need to use it right away and contains the headset itself, the charger, a nice looking pouch and a manual:

Thanks to the swiveling and bendable ear loop (which is non-exchangeable) the  the G2 gets most things right and can be used with the right or left ear. Even for me as a spectacle wearer it fits, thanks to the slim and bendable ear loop.

Because the G2 can be waered on both ears, it looks - on the first sight - if some buttons are doubles which isn't. The volume up and down controls have been placed on top and bottom of the headset but only one button is working, The other one is just to improve the grip.

The main button of the headset, for pairing, switching on/off accepting and ending calls is facing away from the ear and placed on the top. This button also includes a dual-color LED (red and blue) which indicates the status of the headset.

Pairing the headset with a mobile phone is a simple procedure by pressing and holding the main button until it switches into the bonding mode. Now all you have to do is searching for it from your Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone. After it was found, the Bluetrek G2 uses the same PIN as all headsets: 0000.

That's it and you are ready to use it.

As said before, the main button on top of the headset allows to accept and end calls, as well as it would initiat voice dialing (if supported by Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition) and switching between calls. All of this worked as expected and without any major issues.

While the charger itself doesn't needs an adapter to charge the battery of the headset - because it is directly plugged into the headset (a real advantage for travelers because you don't need to carry an adapter/lose this adapter) the charger delivered with the headset is  completely useless for globetrotters because it supports 220V only.

That's something hard to accept, especially in today's business behaviors and as good the stand-by/talk-time of the headset is, in Seattle - 3 weeks ago - I ran out of power and hadn't had the chance to recharge it while I was in the U.S.

However, that's the only complaint I have but something you have to keep in mind if you are traveling internationally (not to mention that there is a U.S. version available also which supports 110V only so be aware if you order it online).

The headset offers excellent audio quality at a range of 10 meters (standard - even if it is less with the Smartphone). Also - not often supported today - the Bluetrek G2 supports both Bluetooth profiles: the Headset and Handsfree mode.

The Innovi Bluetrek G2 is available from a lot of online shops and costs around US$ 80, which is - in my opinion - a great deal for such a small and feature-rich Bluetooth headset!

Final Conclusion

Overall I'm impressed about the ease of use and during my previous use I haven't touched the manual while it is still feature-rich, small sized with a great stand-by/talk-time. Also it works well with the tested Pocket PC Phone Editions and Smartphone. Nothing to blame here. The sound is clear and fresh as well as the counterpart can hear you clear!

A little bit disappointing is the fact that the charger - which I like for its size and that it can be plugged in directly into the headset - is supporting either 110V or 220V only which might makes it a hard choice for world wide travelers.

However, if you are not traveling that much or if you travel more local, the Innovi Bluetrek G2 might be the right choice for you. At least for me it's the choice today and I'm not using my other Bluetooth headsets anymore! I always have a hard time to find a compact headset which incorporates with my glasses and with the G2 I found a light and wearable solution which features everything I expect for a Bluetooth headset. A job well done!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Dave on 29.04.04 - 10:07:44

Does anyone know what the difference between this one and the "new" one is? If you look at the picture shows some minor differences - are they just cosmetic?



Posted by Arne Hess on 29.04.04 - 10:24:49

It's the same - just cosmetics if the one from their site exists in this design anyway...

They have one G2 headset only - not every company is releasing updates like Microsoft... ;-)

Posted by Carl Adkins on 30.04.04 - 19:46:11

Anyone know where I can buy these for the UK. Cannot find anywhere!

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.04.04 - 19:54:15

Here (temp out of stock):

or here:

or maybe here (temp out of stock as well?):

All of them sell it for around 45 £ but it seems to be out of stock at most shops... Seems to be a best seller (thanks to my review maybe?;-) )

Posted by AEG on 01.05.04 - 13:27:58

I have an o2 G2 headset that is brand new and boxed - I dont use them so a sensible  offer...

Posted by Chris on 05.05.04 - 14:25:42

Great review, Arne - was the clinching factor for me, so I went out and bought a G2 yesterday afternoon!  Link stores in the UK have them in stock, plus they're available on their website:

Posted by vwbeetle on 11.05.04 - 04:21:08

with how many phones can you pair the headset?

Posted by Bling on 13.05.04 - 19:00:08

The info on th eblutrek website says 2, on primary and one secondary. The most recently paired device is the primary, and if you pair with a 3rd device the oldest pairing is erased.

Posted by john on 17.05.04 - 13:44:45

You can buy these in The Link

Posted by Carol on 03.06.04 - 16:12:56

my G2 headset seems to feel lose any advise would be greatly appreciated

Posted by Humphrey on 03.06.04 - 21:23:02

I have also an G2 headset and it's work perfect.
The problem I facing with this device is to attach it on my ear , it always get loose from my ear.
did anyone have some advice how to attach the G2 on my ear????????
thanh you. :idea:
Anne your review is fantastic.

Posted by Kay on 06.06.04 - 04:35:35

     Were you able to initiate calls by voice when you used Bluetrek G2 with I-Mate or XDA II? I  want to know if XDA II/I-Mate has voice recognition capabilities.Thanks

Posted by Quophi on 15.06.04 - 13:04:29

[2] everytime i switch off my G2 headset at night and the blue tooth and antena of my Imate i have to rebond it in the morning before they will work toghther there some sequence as to which of the two should be switched on first to prevent this ? i am getting tired of rebonding every morning.Apart from that the G2 is fantastic

Posted by GARY KNIGHT on 05.08.04 - 17:46:55

Can anyone please tell me where i can get a new battery & the model number of it?
Many Thanks

Posted by Yacht on 22.08.04 - 22:24:30

Do u think Which Color is more beautiful because I saw grey and light blue.So I will buy soon next week.

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