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REVIEW: JAVOScreen, protecting your HTC Voyager screen from scratches
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Monday, 02.08.04 - 05:35:30 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 10723x
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Smartphones sustain more abuse as compared to Pocket PCs. Normally we just stuff these things in our pockets or dump them in bags along with all those items which are potentially dangerous to the Smartphone.

I would once to often find myself stuffing my phone into my pocket along with my car keys. Once, during the Microsoft DeveloperDays 2003, I stuffed my ID Badge with metal clip into my pocket along with my Smartphone. I felt some slight creaking in my pocket, and to my horror, it was the ID Badge clip rubbing against the screen of my then new Tanager. I tried my best to polish it hoping that the scratches would disappear, but some were too deep that it will have to live its life that way. I wished I had a screen protector then.

This product from JAVOedge actually does just that. It's a screen protector designed for the Smartphone. How good is it? and Does it really work?

Well, let's find out.

The JAVOScreen comes in a simple pack which includes the screen protector, an installation card, and cleaning cloth.

Installation was very simple. If you follow the 5-step installation instructions that came with it, you'll have the protector on in seconds.

This screen protector is made from the same material used for the PDA screen protectors. This means that this screen protector can really take some abuse. There are times when I use my Smartphone when I am outdoors. With the bright daylight coupled with the extremely glossy screen, the reflections can get a bit distracting. Since the JAVOScreen  has a non-glare finish, this helps lessen distracting reflections.

Here is the test I ran with the Voyager. The image on the left without a screen protector, and the image on the right with the JAVOScreen. You will notice that the reflection on the image at the left is more pronounced than the one with the JAVOScreen.

The user may experience a change in image quality though. But in my experience, it is a well calculated tradeoff. A screen protector is far cheaper than a scratched up screen or Smartphone front cover. The degradation is minimal and with the bright screen of the Voyager, everything seems quite normal..

This lets me worry less about scratching my screen and let's me use it outdoors even under bright light conditions without having to be distracted by reflections on the screen. Now I can once again not have to worry about stuffing my Smartphone in my pocket or toss it in my camera bag with all the other things.

JAVOScreen can be purchased from JAVOEdge for $8.25

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