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REVIEW: JGUI Netphone Logo
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 07.01.03 - 08:01:00 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8164x
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As you know from your cell phone, normally the operator name is displayed in the display and one of the most used services for Nokia mobile phones was and still is the operator logo download. While displaying the network name on the cell phone display is a normal feature, the Pocket PC Phone Edition displays nothing else than a white field with the last number you've dialed. This looks pretty boring and might bring you in trouble anytime that the last called number is provided. This seems to be seen by Janusz Gerszberg from JGUI also and he developed Netphone Logo which adds this feature to the phone interface of your Pocket PC Phone Edition also as well as gives you the option to hide the last number you've called.

Netphone LogoAfter the installation just run Netphone Logo and you will get the option menu overlaid to the phone application.

Here you can select which logo you want to get displayed in the upper right corner of the virtual phone screen.

By tapping OK the logo is activated and available.

As you can see above, the last call I did was calling my Voice Mail. By tapping the "Hide Info" button in the Netphone Logo menu this information will be hidden until you tap "Show Info" again. This is pretty useful and a feature I really missed.

Unfortunately Netphone Logo hides one other information, you might need from time to time to - the Roaming triangle:

But on the other hand, this information is required sporadically only and is still available through the network information bubble.

Final Conclusion

Netphone Logo does nothing else than adding standard cell phone features to the Pocket PC Phone Edition and as before with Nokia phones, this is simply fun. So some people might like to have the network operator logo in the display while others like to have an self-created logo there. This is also possible by simply creating a logo and saving it in the Netphone Logo folder.
For all techies out there, right now the logo isn't linked to the Country and Network Code so for example you will still see your home network logo even if you are on International Roaming but this shouldn't be dramatic.
Beside this fun feature I like the hide the last called number feature. Since I saw the Phone Edition first time I was irritated that it displays that number and that there is no built-in feature to disable it. No you can disable it which might save your live or your job... ;-)

All together, Netphone Logo is that kind of small utility which adds fun as well as features to your device. It is available for US$ 7.25 from PocketGear.

Cheers ~ Arne

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