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REVIEW: Motorola Charging & Synchronisation Station for MPx220
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 26.03.05 - 18:26:59 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 14608x
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Do you remember my previous rant about how much I miss a cradle for most modern Smartphones (like the i-mate SP3i or the Motorola MPx220) and Pocket PCs (like the i-mate JAM)?

However, thankfully either the accessory industry has fitting cradles in portfolio or the device OEM himself. Last week I've received - thanks to Motorola - the appropriate cradle for the MPx220 Smartphone which is, nevertheless a universal cradle for many Motorola devices, from E100 to MPx220 to V500/600. However, it can not be used for the Motorola MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition as the blister-pack says:

The package just includes the stand without any cables but with a cover to hold the device proper.

On the back, you have the same connector as the devices have which can be used with the stand. It's the propriety Motorola plug, used by many Motorola phones.

Since the plug is the same as used for the MPx220, you can use either the original charging or sync cable to connect the cradle with your PC (for full synchronization and charging) or with the power outlet only.

As said before, the cradle is a universal cradle for many Motorola mobile phones. Because of this and because the phones are different bulky, the connector is a sled which can be moved forward and backward to make sure your device and the MPx220 fits perfectly.

Final Conclusion

The cradle gives my MPx220 a perfect stand and place on my desk and the way how Motorola resolved the way to make it fitting for as many devices as possible work pretty good. I've also tried an E1000 and a V600 and all these devices fits nicely into the cradle if you found the right position of the sled.
Also I like it that you can remove the cable on the back and that you can use the original sync and charge cables which came with the devices.
The cradle is easy to carry, for instance on business trips if you want to use it in your hotel room since it isn't too bulky.

The cradle is available online from Motorola through most of its online shops they maintain worldwide for around 19,95 Euro.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by micaels on 28.04.05 - 14:53:12

When the phone is open does it hold in a steady position or does it stand lose?

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.04.05 - 16:12:47

No, even if it is open it stands well. I have it open in the cradle most of the time and it's perfect.

Posted by smeg6 on 28.04.05 - 17:19:28

I agree, it is sad that some of the best, highest quality devices out there are starting to ship without a cradle.  It seems that for $300-$800, you could at least get a cradle with the device!

Posted by SHoTTa35 on 16.05.05 - 16:57:27

i alady have and use the other "clock" one but the spare battery charger doesn't work for the MPx but this one i see has an attachment for that... dunno if i'd buy it tho... i have like 3 sync/charge cables,  1 cradle, 3 power cables/chargers which should be fine to charge my V600, MPx220 and HS810.

Posted by MBC_California on 07.09.05 - 11:19:54

Anybody know the pinout on the connector?  What I really want is a cradle I can mount in my car, and from which I can get stereo playback and microphone functions.  This thing seems only slightly more convenient than just the bare cable, and I think one of those universal car-mounts used in conjunction with the cable would be a lot more secure than this desk stand.  So what I really need is the pin-out of that darn connector.

Posted by tPW on 29.07.06 - 23:29:58

you can easily use a mic adapter to get the audio/mic leads, and this MPX220 is a stereo phone too. Just use a generic car charger to charge the phone.

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