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REVIEW: MTUX.COM SideX 2002 Applet Platform
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 22.08.02 - 16:42:00 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8933x
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Some days ago I found SideX, a new applet platform for Pocket PCs. I’m a big fan of these small utilities which helps improving the use of Pocket PCs and SideX looks like an interesting concept.

SideX is new Applet Platform designed for PocketPC. It's simple but powerful with great applets. It provides the unique UI for PocketPC and let you use a lot useful applets in a smart way.
You can use applets in the SideX over your current application and it is fairly small and needs very small screen area.


  • Side In/Out
  • Floating Window Technology
  • Use any custom applets over your current application at a same time
  • Don't need full Screen
  • Auto Minimize
  • SideX comes with at least two parts: SideX 2002 and the applets. While SideX provides the platform only the applets provides the functionality and are required too.

    The idea behind SideX is to open a new user interface laying over the current application. This has many advantages as you are able to view the original application in the background while using a SideX applet in the foreground like a Calculator.

    Currently MTUX.COM offers 3 applets to use with SideX – one of them is free of charge:

    SysPack 1.0 for SideX

  • Task Manager (Activate/Close Program)
  • Adjust Volume/Brightness
  • System watch (Battery, Storage, Storage Card)
  • System Information Summary
  • CalcPack 1.0 for SideX

  • Basic Calculator
  • Price (Discount/TAX)
  • Tip Calc (After Meal)
  • Unit Converter
  • QuickPack 1.2 for SideX

  • Quick Calculator
  • Quick Calendar
  • Quick Clock
  • Quick Biorhythm
  • Usage
    After the installation of SideX and its applets you will notice a small tab on the right screen side. Tapping it will open the SideX bar. You are able to move the tab and the application up and down so it will gives you a view of the below screen anyhow.


    The design of SideX in general reminds me a little bit on MSN for Pocket PCs ;-)

    Pretty nice is the SysPack 1.0 for SideX. Like many other task mangers it reactivates your background applications and you are also able to close them.

    On the main view you can select between switching between running programs or closing active applications

    The System Info provides you information about your storage space on both, the device and any storage cards as well as information about your current battery status. With the Sound and Brightness settings you can adjust the speaker volume as well as the display brightness, right from SideX without switching to the Settings menu.

    The applications are selected from the Applet Menu while SideX is opened.

    Beside the very useful SysPack MTUX.COM also provides a CalcPack which includes:


  • Expression based calculator
  • All basic operators are supported.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Automatic save and restore of previous expression
  • Price (discount)

  • Ever confused with discount price?
  • Ever messed up with sale tax?
  • If so, you should try this out.
  • Tips (After Meal)

  • SideX Tips allows you to quickly calculate the tip for your bill.
  • SideX Tips will also evenly split your bill among multiple people
  • UNIT Converter

  • Unit Converter
  • Temperature, Length, Mass
  • With the SideX options you can select/deselect applets you want to use as well as rearranging it.

    Final Conclusion

    SideX is a pretty cool concept. One fact of a Pocket PC is that the screen size is limited to view different information at the same time which means in most cases that you have to switch between the different applications. With SideX you are able to run at least basic applications like system information or different calculator.

    How MTUX told me, they are going to prepare a document including plan and applet specs for developers. This means hopefully that we will see more applications soon from other 3rd party developers.
    Here I see a lot of possible applications like a dialer pad for Pocket PC Phone Edition or a SMS interface for sending short messages.

    Everybody who wants to try a new kind of user interface on its Pocket PC should give SideX a closer look for sure. For me it’s a pretty nice application and I hope to see additional apps soon.

    Cheers ~ Arne

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