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REVIEW: Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 16.12.06 - 17:24:27 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 32170x
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Doesn't matter which gadget you use, either a PDA or a mobile phone, a MP3 player or a Bluetooth (stereo) headset, sooner or later all the gadgets needs a charge (unfortunately). And nothing is more annoying then not having the right charger with you or if you have, not to find a power plug.
Here comes the Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger into the game which is easy and simple to use and ridiculously useful. This handy product charges from any standard USB port (for instance from your PC or Notebook and with separately available AC adapter also from any power outlet) and stores an impressive 3400mAH of power for when you need it. So you see, basically it's a big backup battery which gives you the power when you need it. However, if I say big, I mean capacity-wise, not size-wise.

The standard set includes, beside the battery, connectors for Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobile phones, a mini USB connector and for sure an Apple iPod adapter. In addition the package includes a retractable adapter cable and a standard (stylish white) USB to mini USB cable:

The Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger includes to ports - one mini USB port and one standard USB port. The mini USB port is used to charge the battery itself (either from PCs/Notebooks or using an AC adapter) while the standard USB port connects to the USB cable which is used to recharge your mobile device:

The battery pack itself, which which provides an output of 5.5 Volt at 700mA and measures just 100x62x15mm at 120g, includes a 3400mAH Lithium-Ion battery, enough for several charges in a row without requiring to be recharged itself.
On top, the USB Mobile Device Charger provides an information LED (shining either red or green) which indicates, that the battery is either charged or used to charge other devices. To make sure the battery isn't discharging itself, it also includes a button which needs to be pushed to activate the battery:

Overall, even power hungry devices like the iPod 5G will be recharge and can play up to three times longer when connected to the Proporta USB Rechargeable Battery. However, if you mobile devices requires a higher input voltage then the provided 5.5 Volt, it either doesn't charge or charging takes longer.
I've tested a couple of recharges with different Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs and for instance, recharging a completely discharged HTC Prophet Windows Mobile Pocket PC, which holds 1200mAh, took around 4 hours. Using a HTC Hermes as Bluetooth connected UMTS modem extended the use-time from 3 - 4 hours to 8 hours:

As mentioned above, you can either use the battery pack to recharge your mobile devices, alternatively you can also use the just connected to give your device a second battery source.

Final Conclusion

The Proporta USB Rechargeable Battery is definitely ridiculously useful, not only in extreme situations where you don't have a power plug by hand. For instance I remember when I made a sailing trip once, we had power from our generator once a day (in the evening) only. If your MP3 player ran out of battery before you was lost until the sailor fired up the generator in the evening. With the USB Rechargeable Battery you can take the power from the generator to use it whenever you need it.
But as I said, it's not about "extreme situations" only but think about regular traveling on the airport, in the aircraft, in the train, in the office (at a client). All these are locations you might find a power plug (or not) but in most cases you don't want to leave your device alone or you don't took the charger with you. Here, the USB Rechargeable Battery becomes more than handy.
For instance once, I've recharged my Pocket PC during a flight using my Notebook. Not effective at all since I drained my Notebook battery but I was in need for a working Pocket PC after arrival. Now, with the USB Rechargeable Battery, I don't have to drain my Notebook anymore but I can have a fully charged device, whenever I need it and as long as I don't forget to recharge it as well.

The Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger (the USB rechargeable battery itself with the mobile device adapters only) is available for US$ 44.95 while the complete Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger set with car and world AC power adapters costs US$ 75.95.
Worth the money for everybody commuting or traveling a lot!

Cheers ~ Arne

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