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REVIEW: SanDisk Wi-Fi SD Card and HTC Himalaya aka O2 xda II
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 28.11.03 - 19:20:02 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 14369x
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Following my previous review of the SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Card many of you are interested to know if and how this Wi-Fi card is working with the HTC Himalaya (better known as O2 xda II, T-Mobile MDA II and i-Mate Phone Edition).
If this card would work with that Pocket PC Phone Edition it would be the perfect companion because it would add the cheaper and faster W-LAN option to an already wireless enabled Pocket PC.
Just to make it short - it works without any problems as expected!

After the driver installation simply put the SanDisk Wi-Fi card into the SDIO slot on top of the device. The Himalaya will recognize the card and if Wi-Fi networks are available it will asks you which one you want to use.

If you don't need the card but want to use a SD memory card instead it can be safely stored in the pouch which offer space for two SD cards.

Always critical is the battery usage and because the SanDisk card doesn't includes a battery it has to take the power from the device. When I was in Toronto two weeks ago we had a wireless network available at the PowerLOC office. Unfortunately I forgot my W-LAN card for my Notebook why I had to use my PPCW.Net i-Mate only and the usage time amazed me. From 10 in the morning until around 6:30 in the evening I've accessed my E-Mail servers twice or more per hour as well as I've surfed the web wireless. So I was - with standby in between - online for around 6:30 hours and the battery made it for that time! An amazing value - I think - and a proof that this combination also fulfill professional requirements!

Final Conclusion

The SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Card is a smart way to enhance the wireless options of your Pocket PC Phone Edition and during my stay in Toronto I've used it a lot. To access the wireless network in the office as well as using public HotSpots in downtown Toronto and in the Hotel! So the card saved me a lot of International Roaming charges!
Like I already said in my general review about the card, installation and usage is easy going and it doesn't makes a difference if you use a Pocket PC only or a Pocket PC Phone Edition. Also - which is a real benefit of the general phone and Wi-Fi integration into the Windows CE platform - you don't have to switch off the GSM/GPRS module but you can operate both in parallel. This means you can surf the web via Wi-Fi while you make voice calls via GSM!

The SanDisk Wi-Fi SD card is a true enhancement for every HTC Himalaya!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Wi on 29.11.03 - 00:51:16

Supposedly the Sandisk card and the Socket SDIO Wlan card are built around the same chipset!

Posted by PPC Fans on 29.11.03 - 11:40:20

How about the performance or wireless network throughput?  In your previous review on that SanDisk SD Wi-Fi card, the performance is very weak.  Is this the driver's problem or other else?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by JoseF on 29.11.03 - 13:58:26

I have used the SanDisk Wi-Fi card for 1 and 1/2 week . It works great. The only problem it´s the battery gets drain, but if you have a battery charger its okey.



Posted by APA on 29.11.03 - 19:54:02

Wow, excellent news, I went into the store today for buying a Z600 and ended up walking home with a QTEK 2020. Yes they are no available in Switzerland smile Works like a charm this "wunderwaffe" ha ha

So I will get the WLAN to and then nothing will stop my mobility anymore , yeah

btw price in switzerland with subscription around 799 - 899 chf, without 1290 chf.


Posted by Sabio Proeliat on 30.11.03 - 11:43:29

Isn't clumpsy with the SD card on the top?

I guess you have to pull it (the card) in and out a lot!

Posted by Maverick on 01.12.03 - 16:16:01

Hope they make the drivers so that the Wifi card works with the smartphone. GPRS costs are way too high here in Europe.

Posted by Arne Hess on 02.12.03 - 14:18:32

@Wi: Yes the Sandisk and Socket cards are built around the same chipset and share the same drivers.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by evlight on 03.12.03 - 19:31:04


Where in Switzerland did you find the QTEK 2020? and which operator is providing it...  I live there and I can't wait to get one.



Posted by Cheesy Dave on 10.12.03 - 14:46:11

Good review thanks.

I bought the card for my "I-mate" / Qtek / XDA2 - it works really well. I'll explore now the hot spots in Bern

Posted by eric on 10.01.04 - 19:58:28


kleiner schreibfehler...die karte ist von "SanDisk" nicht "SandDisk"  ;-)


Posted by Rick on 29.01.04 - 11:20:55

I just got my Socket SDIO WLAN card the other day, and it worked like a charm out of the box.  I have an O2 XDA II with 1.03.00 USA ROM version.  I didn't even have to install the driver that came with the card.  I slot the card in after removing my SD memory card, and it was able to detect my WIFI setup at home.  I just needed to type in my WEP password, and I was connected.  This should save me a lot of GPRS costs.

Posted by Geoff on 03.02.04 - 04:31:17

Hello from Asia

Has anyone gotten the Wifi card to work on any MS smartphone yet ?

GPRS also quiet expensive here

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.02.04 - 11:47:20

@Geoff: No Smartphone drivers available so far! :-(

Posted by Abdul on 16.02.04 - 12:00:00

Where can I buy SanDisk SD Wi-Fi card

Posted by Venkat on 22.02.04 - 14:54:08

I installed SD WiFi Driver on my Pocket PC (T-Mobile). Reset the device, inserted the SD WiFi card and a window pops up asking for driver name? Entered "SanDisk Wi-Fi" did not work! ANY idea what the correct driver name is ? Thanks!

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