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REVIEW: Sunnysoft Mail Center 1.0 for Smartphone 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 27.08.03 - 16:52:38 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 11224x
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Maybe one of the most annoying limitations of Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 to become a real smart phone is the fact that the Inbox supports one E-Mail account only which can be either an ActiveSync account or a POP3/IMAP4 account. This means that a user has to decide if he wants to sync the Smartphone Inbox with Outlook or if he wants to access POP3/IMAP4 mailboxes and if he wants to access a mailbox he have to decide which E-Mail account.

Sunnysoft's recently released Mail Center 1.0 is the first available 3rd party E-Mail client for Smartphone 2002 and supports more then one E-Mail account only.

It features:

  • Individual folders are created for each account
  • Access to the original account with ActiveSync and messages (like SMS)
  • Individual or en masse sending of messages
  • E-Mails can be sorted out by standard parameters
  • Data can be stored in any folder
  • Receiving, saving and sending of attachments is supported
  • Deleting of E-Mails support
  • Font changes are enabled
  • Possibility to delete or leave the E-Mail on server
  • Download of header/complete E-Mail
  • All types of connections incl. ActiveSync

After the installation on your Smartphone you can setup several options like "Message list" which lists display options and "Data folder" which is a nice feature of Mail Center. Since the storage space on Smartphone is pretty limited it's recommended to install as much applications on the SD card as possible to keep the memory free to execute applications. However, storing E-Mails, especially with attachments and from several accounts requires a lot of storage space too. Mail Center allows you to store received and sent E-Mails on any place including memory cards.

Now you are ready to configure your E-Mail accounts and all you need here are your mail account settings like E-Mail address, server names and login information. That's it. You can repeat this procedure to add all your mail accounts you want to access with your Smartphone on the go.

Back in the main menu/view you can start to receive all your E-Mails from either all configured accounts or account by account - Mail Center provides you a lot of different send and receive options here.

Now it connects with your Mailboxes and receives all available mails. While it downloads the E-Mails it keeps you informed of amount of E-Mails to receive/already received.

After you've received your E-Mails the Account menu lets you select which E-Mail folder you want to open while Standard Inbox opens the original Smartphone Inbox as a new program (it's not part of Mail Center).

The following overview is pretty similar to the original Inbox overview and by selecting a mail and pressing the action button you can open the received E-Mail to read it.

Unfortunately Mail Center doesn't parse links which might be included within the message but provides a plain overview of the E-Mail only.

However, from here - because it is a complete mail client - you can Reply or Forward as well as selecting the mail for complete download (you can configure Mail Center how many lines it should receive to keep the transmission volume as small as possible, for instance on GPRS connections).'

Creating a mail message works pretty much like with the Inbox but in addition and unlike the original Inbox you can also directly add Attachments to your mail.

Next time you select send/receive your E-Mail will sent.

Final Conclusion

For version 1.0, Mail Center is pretty complete and offers everything you might expect from a Smartphone E-Mail client like multiple accounts, attachments, etc and in my tests it worked as expected.

But (and there is always a but ;-)) it's not that complete as I hoped it would be. Maybe it's just me and my expectations and the amount of E-Mails I daily receive and which a mail client have to handle but from time to time Mail Center freeze (okay, the complete phone is freezing from time to time ;-)) but right after the installation I had some serious problems. Now, after one week it works more stable. However, for any reason it receives the same – already received E-Mails - again. This happened on one account 4 times now which means I have every E-Mail four times in my Inbox. Also I miss a kind of signature functionality. For any reason, Microsoft left this out of all Inboxes until Pocket PC 2003 but this shouldn't be a reason not to include it in 3rd party products.

In addition I miss a Home screen plug-in which works like the original message plug-in and notifies me about newly received E-Mails per account as well as a kind of overview page in Mail Center itself which provides me a status of E-Mails per account.

Anyway, I really like that you are completely flexible in how to receive and send E-Mails. Per mail account or all accounts; receiving or sending only or both. Also finally you can add attachments in an easy and convenient way, without using 3rd party file explorer!

Mail Center doesn't includes a auto download functionality which means you have to select receive to get you newest E-Mails. In addition to Mail Center I'm also using 2k development's check4mail on my Smartphone which keeps me - on a predefined period - updated about newly received E-Mails which I can download now using Mail Center.

Altogether Mail Center 1.0 is 100 % usable and functional but it offers room for improvements! Nevertheless, I truly like to use it with my Smartphone as it makes my phone even smarter now! Really recommended for mail junkies!

Sunnysoft's Mail Center 1.0 is available from for US$ 13.95 only and Sunnysoft also provides a fully functional trial version.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Mitchell Waite on 27.08.03 - 22:04:56

There are two features missing:

1. No way to send authenticated email. Both my ISPs require it for sending (to avoid relaying). Smartphone 2003 mail has this.

2. When you enter you mail settings it doens't copy the pop and smtp from the user email address so there is a lot more keying of data.

Other than those issues its a nice product. No freezes here yet Arne, but then my phone is only 1 day old smile


Posted by Paul on 28.08.03 - 11:05:18

Have you tried uninstalling this program?

It is proving impossible for me.  It does not remove all the files from ISPM and they are very difficult to manually delete.  Then it does not remove itself from the remove programs list, not does it allow you to re-install it to have another go at removal.

For me this program has too many downsides to be of any use.

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.08.03 - 11:16:25

@Paul: Hmmm... Weird... :?: I've just tested it on my i-Mate I've used for the review yesterday and I hadn't any problems. Not with removing from the device nor with removing it from the "Remove Programs List". Have you switched off/on the device before you was going to remove it? That's always important as some program parts might stay in memory even if it was closed.

Posted by Paul on 28.08.03 - 14:03:19

I've tried everything.  Regedit, the lot.  Can't remove program from remove programs list.  It took ages to remove the mail center program from /ISPM.  It just would not delete, no matter how hard I tried. 

Screenshots here: http://.../

I contacted Sunnysoft and they said....


We are trying to solve this out. I will contact you asap.


Ladislav Kriz


So I guess they know about this issue.

Posted by Simon Desser on 28.08.03 - 16:08:20

When you compose a new message, and you want to add a symbol such as a comma, or question mark etc. it puts them in the wrong place, at the beginning of the message!!

Posted by Arne Hess on 28.08.03 - 16:15:55

@Simon Desser: Wooo... You are right! Haven't noticed it because I used the [1] key for punctuation only but you are right if you insert any symbols using the [#] key/symbols menu. :-(

That's not good... Anything else? I know Sunnysoft is reading this so add your thoughts that they can improve it for version 1.x!

Posted by Simon Desser on 28.08.03 - 22:57:20

A number of times it's received new emails but I "can't find them". Eventually, I realised that they were there, but they had been put in the wrong place ie. Not in date order even though it's set up to put them in date order, and 95% of the time it does?

Also, even though I've set it to receive the first 50 lines of an email, I've had a few totally blank messages? But if I then mark them for download, the message comes in?



Posted by Simon Desser on 28.08.03 - 23:22:04

Oh yeah! also, if you want to send a new email to a contact with more than one email address, you can only select one!  sad

Posted by Paul on 29.08.03 - 11:50:37

Truly a Beta standard product.

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.08.03 - 12:04:56

@Paul: Yes, but even more and better then what Inbox offers which is purely nothing.

With Mail Center I'm at least able to read my E-Mails. ;-)

But you are right, improvements are required - soon!

Posted by Mitch Waite on 15.09.03 - 17:18:20

Has anyone been able to register there mailcenter program? I never received a registration email and I am unable to register. The company has not responded to my emails. HELP.

Posted by Simon on 05.12.03 - 01:13:56

Your review states that the program supports IMAP4 accounts, however the SunnySoft website doesn't mention IMAP4 - just POP and SMTP.

Is there support for IMAP4?

Posted by Peter Schamel on 11.12.03 - 19:23:58

It's an interesting and potentially useful app, but without support for sending authenticated e-mail, it's useless to me.

Posted by allie on 02.03.04 - 03:22:14

This is a basic question, but how do you get email addresses from your contact into the addressee line in mail center?  When i open a contact and double click on an email address, it opens the smartphone email program.  is there a way to integrate contacts into mail center?

Posted by Jim on 04.12.04 - 11:14:55

Dont know if you have heard of profimail, however this is a similar product that I have used on my nokia 6600, and have since migrated to my imate sp3i,  It comes with a free fileexplorer which is easier to use that the native filemanager and quite possibly an alternative to smart explorer....anyway it has a great UI, the ability to add up to 6 email accounts, the ability to query mail servers at prefered intervals and not predefined ones as with the native email client.

Like all clients you have the abillity to download headers / whole message,  view in text / html, and other cosmetic changes as well as  having a builtin web browser (links clicked in the email launches the built in browser and not PIE). There is IMAP / POP3 support as well as advanced capabilities catering for servers requiring authentication etc.

The only feature I have missed moving from the symbian device to the windowsmobile platform was the imabillity to copy/paste easily other than that no major complaints.



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